Unbelievable: Chief Founder of the World's Lock Down Orders Broke Guidelines to Have an Affair

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A woman holds a sign as she attends a rally outside the Missouri Capitol to protests stay-at-home orders put into place due to the COVID-19 outbreak Tuesday, April 21, 2020, in Jefferson City, Mo. Several hundred people attended the rally to protest the restrictions and urge the reopening of businesses closed in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)


You can’t make this stuff up, but it is 2020, so perhaps insanity and hypocrisy are to be expected by this point?

If you’ll recall, a scientist named Neil Ferguson was behind something called the Imperial College Model. It was a study on Wuhan virus death projections that spread like wildfire in the first few weeks of the pandemic. It was responsible for much of the early panic and was cited routinely by media outlets and politicians as the rationale for the wide-scale lockdowns we are now enduring.

Some weeks ago, Ferguson came out and admitted his model got it way wrong, revising it significantly, but now a new bit of news has broken that may infuriate you. It turns out that Ferguson, after causing so many people untold amounts of pain and suffering, was breaking social distancing guidelines to have an affair.

This per The Telegraph.

The scientist whose advice prompted Boris Johnson to lock down Britain resigned from his Government advisory position on Tuesday night as The Telegraph can reveal he broke social distancing rules to meet his married lover.

Professor Neil Ferguson allowed the woman to visit him at home during the lockdown while lecturing the public on the need for strict social distancing in order to reduce the spread of coronavirus. The woman lives with her husband and their children in another house.

The epidemiologist leads the team at Imperial College London that produced the computer-modelled research that led to the national lockdown, which claimed that more than 500,000 Britons would die without the measures.


While Ferguson was demanding everyone stay home and predicting apocalyptic death numbers, he was breaking the lockdown rules by having an affair. Let that sheer amount of corruption and arrogance sink in for a moment.

Meanwhile, over 30 million Americans are out of work in part because the hysteria Ferguson whipped up, as he was at the forefront of pushing for draconian lockdowns worldwide. In Britain, it was his advice that convinced PM Boris Johnson to move in that direction.

That’s not to say the lockdowns haven’t had some use. In some ways, it’s logical to say they have. It’s also logical to ask if we are simply delaying the inevitable and destroying our economy in the process.

Regardless, the privileged breaking their own rules is a story as old as time. It’s also become commonplace during the Wuhan virus crisis. We’ve seen figures like CNN’s Chris Cuomo break quarantine while sick but still go on TV every night and lecture others about responsibility. These people largely have no shame and the public shouldn’t forget it.



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