WATCH: Wild Video Shows Man Sucker Punching a Police Officer, He's Then Immediately Released Without Bail

New York’s insane bail laws strike again.

This time, the victim is a police officer, who was assaulted by a man who decided it would be a good idea to sit in the middle of an intersection. After asking the man to get up and leave, he sucker punched the officer.


Here’s the wild video.

This led to a laundry list of charges, including assaulting a police officer, disorderly conduct, and alcohol-related crimes, among others.

Given that, you’d expect he’d be sitting in jail right now. But nope, a judge let him out without having to pay a dollar in bail money.

This is all part of a new “bail reform” law that judges are already using to release dangerous, violent criminals back onto the street. The thought behind the law is that it’s unfair to place bail (or a high bail amount) on someone who is otherwise poor and can’t pay it.

That means those most likely to commit crimes, i.e. those in poverty, are being given free passes on a range of crimes. We’ve seen similar effects from laws in California that decriminalize theft up to a certain monetary level. This led to large increases of homeless and mentally ill people stealing from stores, knowing they won’t be charged with anything but a misdemeanor and thrown back out on the street.


New York’s new law was highlighted just last week when a woman committed a series of anti-Semitic attacks, only to be released on no bail some hours later. The very next day, she was arrested for another attack.

These progressive enclaves have lost their minds. There has to be a balance between law and order and having sympathy for people. Allowing crimes to go unpunished only leads to more and more crimes being committed. That isn’t doing anyone in poverty any favors, as it simply locks them into a dead-end lifestyle.

I hope the voters in these places wake up and realize what they’ve been voting for is insane and is markedly harming their cities. It’s time for some serious change, and that means not continuing to put Democrat after Democrat in charge.


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