Joe Biden Makes the Case for Jailing His Son in Incoherent Rant

FILE - In this Jan. 30, 2010, file photo, Vice President Joe Biden, left, with his son Hunter, right, at the Duke Georgetown NCAA college basketball game in Washington. (AP Photo/Nick Wass, File)

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during a Democratic presidential primary debate Thursday, Dec. 19, 2019, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)


The saga of Hunter Biden has been at the forefront of the news for some months now, even as Democrats have attempted to parlay interest in investigating the revelations into the current impeachment fiasco.

The younger Biden has known controversy most of his adult life, from getting kicked out of the military, to getting caught with hookers and blow, to being dragged to court over getting a stripper pregnant in Arkansas. Of course, the most politically relevant part of his journey revolves around his securing of very lucrative foreign positions on the basis of his father’s influence.

With that as the background, Joe Biden apparently hasn’t made the connection between ranting against oil executives and his son’s employment history.

Admittedly, watching a Joe Biden DOJ arrest Hunter Biden for “pollution” would be quite the scene, but somehow, I don’t think the former VP meant to implicate his own son. Yet, that’s exactly what he did. Hunter Biden served on the board as an executive for a Ukrainian oil company, making some $80,000 a month while holding no relevant experience.

Aside from the lack of self-awareness being shown in regards to his son, Joe Biden also is a massive hypocrite on this front. He spent more than any other candidate, despite doing fewer events than many, on private jets the last quarter. If he were really concerned with saving the planet, you’d think he’d avoid such bad optics.


Regardless, there’s a more serious side to this as well. We have someone who’s at least the 2nd most likely person to be President come January 2021 talking about throwing private citizens in jail for pollution. It’s ludicrous and dangerous rhetoric. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to hear from a Venezuelan dictator looking to seize the means of production. The oil industry provides literally millions of high paying jobs for Americans and powers vital technologies that have saved untold numbers of lives all over the world. Yet, we have the Democrat party demonizing them and talking about imprisoning executives as sacrifices at the altar of the climate change cult. Greta Thunberg would be proud.

Had Trump made a comment about jailing people from any other sector of our economy, it’d be national news and lead to days of condemnation. But Joe Biden talks about jailing the people who make our economy go and everyone shrugs. Some of that’s partisan bias, and some of it is just people ignoring Biden’s rantings because he’s the crazy old uncle of the field.

Even still, we shouldn’t be entertaining electing a crazy old uncle as president.


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