Democrat Rep Who Slobbered on KFC During a Hearing Wants to Arrest Bill Barr Now

This is clearly a person that should be taken seriously.

A few days ago, Rep. Steve Cohen brought a bucket of KFC into a hearing. He giggled his way through eating it in what was a stunt that was supposed to signify that Bill Barr was “chicken” for not letting the clowns in the Democratic House question him. I can’t imagine why Barr wouldn’t want to cooperate with these morons.


Well, he’s back and this time he’s suggesting that Bill Barr should be arrested and forced to testify before his joke of a committee. That doesn’t sound like something a third world dictator would say at all.

(video is cued up at 0:46 seconds where the remarks occur)

If you watch the video you see Cohen suggest that Barr should be charged with “inherent contempt” and that he wants Congress to dispatch the Sargent at Arms to haul Barr in like a prisoner.

Even CNN’s Anderson Cooper is taken aback by what he’s hearing, knowing it’s idiotic on its face. Cohen goes on to say that Barr is being “utterly contemptuous” and that he’s lied to Congress, neither of which is true. Barr was ready to come testify until Jerry Nadler decided to play games by having a team of lawyers question the Attorney General instead of the Congressional members who have the constitutional right to do so. This was obviously done to try to grill Barr to the point of him falling into a perjury trap.

Being that Barr is not an idiot, he told Jerry Nadler to go pound sand over his testimony request until he’s willing to negotiate in good faith. Now, we’ve got a House member suggesting he be arrested.


It’s pretty ridiculous but it’s also dangerous. The fact that so many Democrats are this comfortable with criminalizing political disagreements is an awful indicator of where we are headed and what extent these people are willing to go through to gain power. Nothing appears to be off limits. I can’t say it’s surprising though, given what we are finding out about how the Obama administrations targeted the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

This is one of the reasons big government is such a terrible thing. Whether it’s out of control bureaucracies or Congressional members role-playing as tyrants, the more power these people have, the worse off the country is.

I’ll end by pointing out the hypocrisy that’s evident. Had a Republican suggested arresting Eric Holder and hauling him before Congress back during the Obama administration, the media and Democrats would have lost their minds over it. These are the same people who clutch their pearls when Trump slaps at the media as “fake news,” something that logically does nothing to restrict press rights. Yet, they are completely comfortable with a House member suggesting the Attorney General should be put in handcuffs for no justifiable reason at all. It goes to show just how worthless the press are when it comes to protecting the freedoms and norms they claim to care so much about.


When push comes to shove, they will always side with their partisan narrative.


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