Incredible Video Shows Just How Far the Media and Deep State Went to Lie to Americans About Hunter Laptop

New York Post Cover Hunter Biden, "Biden Secret E-Mails" (New York Post)

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words—and in this case, a stunning viral video that has been watched over 34 million times sums up one of the greatest lies that our country has ever perpetuated on its public better than a thousand op-eds ever could. 


You remember—just weeks before the 2020 presidential election, the New York Post broke the story about how Hunter Biden’s laptop had been left at a computer repair shop and turned out to have photos and documents that showed his drug-addicted, lascivious lifestyle while its contents also revealed many dubious emails that appeared to show the Biden Crime Family illicitly profiting from all sorts of shady international dealings.

Most of the nation’s media instantly joined forces with extremists in the intelligence community and other branches of government to throw their full power into discrediting—and censoring—the Post’s coverage, withholding crucial information from voters just as they were coming to their decisions. 

To this day, if you say the 2020 vote was rigged, many will call you a conspiracy theorist or, worse, an insurrectionist. But what do you call such powerful forces all pulling together to lie to you other than “election interference?”

Of course, the government just admitted the laptop and its contents are, in fact, real, despite the fact that Joe Biden lied about it during an October 2020 presidential debate with Donald Trump. Hunter is embroiled in a scandal-filled trial in Delaware, where the First Son is charged with lying on a federal form to obtain a gun—and much of the evidence federal prosecutors are using in the case comes from… you guessed it, the Laptop from Hell.

The video is long, but watch as you are lied to, over and over, by the legacy corporate media, 51 former intelligence agents, and virtually every progressive politician in the country:


Absolutely amazing stuff. So much lying. Also note that you don't need to rely on some pundit's personal take on the matter—it's merely a compendium of all the fraudsters in their own words

Not surprisingly, one of the most mendacious members of Congress, the man known as “Shifty Schiff,” was at the forefront of the propaganda effort:

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said during an interview with CNN at the time that it was clear Trump and the Kremlin were behind Hunter Biden's laptop. 

"The Kremlin has an obvious interest in denigrating Joe Biden, they want Donald Trump to win, they recognize he's a weak president," Schiff said. "Clearly they want to help him, so they want to denigrate the vice president, the intelligence community has made that abundantly clear." 

He also called the laptop story "Kremlin propaganda."

Schiff is clearly vying for the title of "most dishonest politician in America." But he has competition.

Two of the other most notorious deep state liars, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan—neither of whom has faced any consequences for their election meddling—also feature prominently:


James Clapper, a former Director of National Intelligence, said on CNN at the time that the laptop was "classic, textbook Soviet, Russian tradecraft at work." 

"The Russians have analyzed the target, they understand that the president and his enablers crave dirt on Vice President Biden, whether its real or contrived, it doesn't matter to them. And so all of a sudden, two and a half weeks before the election, this laptop appears, somehow, and the emails without any metadata, it's all very curious," he said.

The deep state, in cahoots with the mainstream media, used disinformation and censorship to alter the outcome of an election—and as we all know, they succeeded, and now we are subject to watching an incoherent Joe Biden lead our country into ruin. While long, this video reminds us of the powerful, corrupt forces we are up against as we head toward the November elections. 

I was once innocent enough to believe my country would not lie to me. Now I know better.

It was real from Day One:

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Editor's Note: This article was updated post-publication to reflect that it is the government acknowledging that the laptop and its contents are real rather than Hunter Biden's attorneys.


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