Sordid in the Court: Hallie Biden Describes Drug Use; Video Shows Her Throwing the Gun in Public Trashcan

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Thursday marked another unsavory day in court for Hunter Biden as his sister-in-law-turned-lover Hallie Biden took the stand to describe the morning she found his gun and how she threw it away. The First Son is being prosecuted by special counsel David Weiss in a Delaware court on charges that he lied on a federal form to purchase the weapon.


It was early one morning in October 2018 when Hallie Biden’s brother-in-law, Hunter, showed up at her home, looking exhausted and like he could have been on drugs, she said.

As he slept, she quietly cleaned out his truck, where she had sometimes found crack pipes, hoping, she said, “that when he woke back up we could help him start anew,” and get sober.

The truck was strewn with trash and clothes. “I did find some remnants of crack cocaine and paraphernalia,” Hallie Biden told jurors. “Oh, and the gun, obviously.”

The prosecution meanwhile released video footage of Hallie later tossing the gun in a trash can because she feared a drug-addled Hunter might kill himself with it.

Miranda Devine, New York Post reporter and author of the book "Laptop from Hell," described the dismal proceedings:

The tweet continues:

The president’s widowed daughter-in-law was supposed to become the First Lady of Delaware, maybe First Lady of the United States, a Wilmington native told me while observing the day’s drama. But Joseph Robinette Beau Biden III died in 2015 of brain cancer, aged 46, leaving Hallie bereft and dashing Joe Biden’s dream that his first-born golden child’s political career as Delaware Attorney General would soar to the heights that he, himself, would reach five years later. So, instead, here was Hallie, 50, in the witness box, having to tell strangers about the torrid affair and crack addiction she shared with her late husband’s black sheep brother in the ensuing three years.  “It was a terrible experience I went through, and I’m embarrassed and I’m ashamed,” she told the jury. “I regret that time of my life.” No doubt the family dynamics in the courtroom were evident to Hallie from the minute she walked past the president’s portrait in the lobby of the federal building, a reminder of the power of her former father in law who had paid her a curious late night visit 12 days earlier…


Hallie painted something of a tragic though flawed figure on the stand:

In an all-black suit, Hallie, Beau’s widow, was an image of loneliness on the witness stand, seeming unsure at times of where to direct her gaze within the courtroom. At times she would smile softly at her new husband, whom she married last weekend. But she barely looked toward the defense table at Hunter, whom she said she saw smoking crack sometimes as often as every eight hours during the course of their on-again-off-again relationship. His drug use, she said, was daily in the summer of 2018.

Under questioning from the prosecution, she also described her own descent into addiction and just exactly who turned her onto the druggie lifestyle:

“At that point, were you also using drugs?” prosecutor Leo Wise asked Hallie.

“Yes,” she replied, without inflection.

“Who introduced you to it?” he continued.

“Hunter did,” she said, her voice unwavering. 

It seems to me that Hunter would have been better off to plead guilty and avoid this national showcase of his depravity. Even if the jury comes back with a not-guilty verdict—which they might despite the overwhelming evidence because Delaware is a very Biden-friendly state—he's embarrassed the entire family (if such a thing is even possible at this point). Can't be much fun to be a Joe Biden grandkid these days.

My own one-word summation of this trial: Yuck.

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