Making Crime Great Again: Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Downgraded a Stunning 60 Percent of 2023 Felony Cases

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I’ve written extensively about soft-on-crime, George Soros-backed district attorneys like LA’s notorious George Gascón, Philadelphia’s ridiculous Larry Krasner, and so many others. Why? Because crime affects us all:



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When we write about specific incidents of crime, gaslighters like CA Gov. Gavin Newsom and his supporters will look you straight in the face and reel off a bunch of statistics trying to convince you that what you’re seeing isn’t real.

But a new report supplies the numbers behind what we all know is happening – that progressives are literally legalizing crime right in front of our eyes. It should be called the MAGA movement -- the Make Assault Great Again crowd.

Here you have it, stunning numbers that show Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has yet to find a crime he doesn’t want to downgrade (unless it involves Donald Trump):

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has downgraded a staggering 60 percent of felony cases to lesser charges in the last year, data from his office shows.

The progressive DA reduced 938 of the most serious charged in 2023, 834 of which were brought down to misdemeanors.

Under Bragg, the percentage of felonies downgraded has increased to 60 - up from 53% percent under his predecessor. Bragg's team defended the figures stating the office's performance is on a par with other New York boroughs and higher when it comes to felony convictions.

Meanwhile, he also chose not to prosecute 14 percent of all arrests since he took office in January 2022. 

As the post above points out, “…Bragg downgraded over half of felonies to misdemeanors in his jurisdiction yet had to elevate a misdemeanor past the statute of limitations to a felony to charge Donald Trump.” Today's justice in America.

In the summer of 2023, Police Benevolent Association (PBA) president Patrick Hendry called out the woke DA:

The PBA rented a billboard truck that cruised through the streets of the Big Apple with the message, "A message for Midtown business owners: if you try to stop a repeat offender from terrorizing your customers and staff, you’ll be arrested." 


Indeed, RedState reported on an aging bodega worker who killed a man in self-defense as he was being viciously attacked in his own store. Bragg’s response? He charged the worker with murder. Although he later was forced to drop the charges after sustained public outcry, he showed that in his heart, he empathizes with criminals over regular citizens. 


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George Gascón has a similarly horrendous record, but Angelenos have a chance to get rid of him once and for all on election day, March 5, and he has a host of strong challengers. It’s time to send a message, folks.

Bragg, Gascón, Krasner, Cook County’s Kim Foxx, St. Louis’ Kim Gardner, Oakland’s Pamela Price, and many others are literally tearing down this country, crime by unpunished crime. Call it George Soros' gift to America.

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