'LA Times' Stoops Lower, Gushes About How Kamala 'Found Her Groove'—Despite 53 Percent Disapproval Rate

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The Los Angeles Times has had a rough go of it of late. They’ve suffered from an exodus of staff, mass layoffs, and huge financial losses. Writes RedState’s Matt Funicello:


…the news that comes with the day brings reports of an institution in full panic and chaos mode. Tuesday's big news was that the paper will be shedding a large percentage of the newsroom staff and editors (115 people to be laid off), and two of the four remaining senior editors (ironically they came from BuzzFeed) have called it quits. This comes just a few weeks after Executive Editor Kevin Merida abruptly left, citing differences with the paper’s owner.

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They've also been firing off some frankly ridiculous articles in recent weeks, one which endorsed possibly the worst, most soft-on-crime district attorneys in the nation, George Gascón, the other laughably asking those fed up with the crazed Democrats in charge of the state not to criticize Cali as they run for the exits.


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Not content to rest on their laurels, the outlet printed an op-ed piece Sunday with the laugh-out-loud headline, How Kamala Harris found her groove. And why being vice president is still tough.

Found her groove? She does not have a single signature accomplishment to point to, and only 37.5 percent of Americans approve of her—and almost 54 percent disapprove of her. She was named border czar by Biden in March of 2021, yet the border crisis is now in at least the top three of the administration's many failures. She's routinely mocked for her word salad, giggling answers to serious questions.


Yet the Times applauds her "tone of wonderment" (read: child-like) speaking manner.

Warning: intensely fawning language:

"Proud," she said. "Proud for taking the freedom of choice from millions of women and people in America."

With that, her voice rose as though she could scarcely believe the statement issuing from her lips.

"He openly talks about his admiration for dictators," Harris continued in the same tone of wonderment, as some in the audience murmured their disapproval. "Dictators jail journalists. Dictators suspend elections."

"Dictators." She emphasized each word. "Take. Your. Rights."

It almost reads like a theater critic's piece on a terrific acting job by a performer—it certainly does not read like a serious piece about the number two most senior politician in the United States.

The formerly proud paper admits that she's become essentially a one-note player—abortion, abortion, abortion—but they seem to laud that:

Her purpose, and utility, changed when the Supreme Court issued its abortion decision in the Dobbs case in June 2022, overturning Roe vs. Wade...

The abortion issue "taps into her policy background, her political values, her legal training and experience," said Jamal Simmons, who served a year as Harris' communications director, ending in January 2023. "The issue is a comfort zone for her and since Dobbs she has done other things with greater confidence and dexterity."


The puff piece goes on, lovingly detailing her incredible motorcade as if she's the only VP who's ever had Secret Service protection before, discussing her "process" for cooking (as if that makes her more qualified for the office), but you get the idea. 

The fact is, it's an open secret in D.C. that she's a drag on the Biden ticket, and the president would dump her in a heartbeat if he could.


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I can understand why the progressive rag that the LA Times has become wouldn't want to run a hit piece on Harris; after all, they are firmly on the Democrat team. But they lose what little credibility they have left when they try to sell us on an alternate reality that few —even on the left side of the aisle—actually believe. 

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