McCarthy Unloads on 'Biden, Inc.' After Cocaine Report, 'Treated Different Than Every Other American Family'

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reacted Thursday evening to the Secret Service report regarding the cocaine that was found in the White House on July 2. As we’ve written, the report amounted to not much more than a shrug, saying, “Yeah, sorry about that, we have no idea whose it was.”


This in the building that is supposed to be one of the most secure in the world.

McCarthy, appearing on Fox News’s “The Story” with host Martha MacCallum, was not impressed and couldn’t understand how someone was able to sneak hard drugs into the People’s House:

This is the most secure building probably in America just to get into the door before you get through the gate, you go through security as a member of Congress. When I come with my own security—I still go through security.

He thinks it once again shows how the Biden administration is subject to special treatment by federal law enforcement:

They have cameras 24-7. It just seems to me when it comes to the “Biden, Inc.” family, they get treated different than anybody else.


The Speaker worries that if they can’t even keep drugs out—what more might be going on that affects our security? And who might be eavesdropping?

If they can’t tell us who brought it, what else is happening in the White House?

That even concerns me more now because of the discussions we have in that building, the places that are and the situations that are being discussed and actually decided upon in that building.

It’s part of an ongoing pattern, McCarthy charged. The Bidens use their connections to get away with just about anything.

When the Hunter Biden laptop came public, what did the Biden, Inc. family do? They used our soon-to-be secretary of state to go out … [and] call people in the intel community to sign a letter to tell the American public it was false when they personally knew it was true.


He was referring to the fact that now-Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who at the time was the Biden campaign’s foreign affairs adviser, was the impetus behind the infamous letter penned by 51 active and retired intelligence figures which said the Hunter “laptop from hell” had all the “classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

Nobody but low-information liberals and the lapdog media believed that explanation.

(READ: NEW: Secretary Blinken, Biden Campaign Behind Intel Community Letter Labeling Hunter’s Laptop as Russian Disinfo)

McCarthy continued: “So it just shows when it comes to the Biden family, they are treated different than every other American family.”

He went on to charge that the Department of Justice intentionally let Hunter off the hook for his dubious foreign business dealings and tax-evading schemes:

“So, the statute of limitation goes away and you can take money from Ukraine, you can take money from China, then you won’t be found guilty,” he said, comparing that to what could happen to the average citizen who fails to report income to the feds.

“America is tired of this two-tiered system of justice, but it always seems to fall when it comes to the Bidens. They get special treatment, even down to using Department of Justice, using our Intel committee to pretty much lie to Americans.”


More and more Americans—even Democrats—are waking up to the fact that we’re living through what is arguably the most corrupt administration in history. Now, as RedState‘s Nick Arama reported Thursday, it turns out that this is not even the first time drugs have been found in Biden’s White House. What in the world is going on over there?

Consequences haven’t come nearly as fast to the Bidens as Republicans, conservatives, and RedState readers would like, but I feel like the tide is turning as an endless tsunami of evidence of corruption continues to crash down on Biden, Inc.

We may not be able to send Old Joe packing before his term ends, but I think his chances of winning a second term lessen with each day.


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