Secret Service: Cocaine Found Wasn't First Time Drugs Discovered in Biden WH

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The Secret Service gave a classified briefing to Congress on Thursday about the cocaine that was found in the West Wing over the Fourth of July weekend on Sunday, July 2, after the House Oversight Committee demanded answers from them.


As we reported, they’re insulting our intelligence with the claim that agents are unable to find the culprit and that they’re wrapping up the case already. That’s despite visitor logs and cameras. It’s a horrible take, and the statement the Secret Service released about what they did to investigate just makes them look worse. This is just going to feed the sense that they’re covering things up for the Biden team — and that’s very concerning.

But the briefing did reveal something else that’s troubling: this isn’t the first time they’ve found drugs in the Biden White House.

They told Congress that they found marijuana twice in the White House in 2022.

A spokesperson for the Secret Service told Fox News Digital that agents had found “small amounts of marijuana” on two separate occasions, in July and September of last year.

“No one was arrested in these incidents, because the weight of the marijuana confiscated did not meet the legal threshold for federal charges or D.C. misdemeanor criminal charges, as the District of Columbia had decriminalized possession,” the Secret Service spokesperson said. “The marijuana was collected by officers and destroyed.”

The spokesperson told Fox News Digital that agents had found “less than .2 ounces of marijuana in both instances” and noted D.C.’s marijuana decriminalization.

Possessing less than two ounces is not a crime in D.C., but it is still not permitted on federal property or in the White House.


That shows there’s a problem that’s allowing people to bring stuff in, and they aren’t catching them. Again, assume it was something dangerous like anthrax. If they aren’t picking these drugs up, then they’re allowing this opening to happen again with something truly bad.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) made the point that they should have had video surveillance in place, given the prior incidents:

This probably is an area that should have had video surveillance, especially since this is not the first time that drugs have been found on the White House property since Biden has taken office.

There should have been implementations made to ensure security at the White House already before this cocaine appeared.

I’d want to know where and who brought it in too, and if there were any consequences. Was it in the West Wing or the residence?

Boebert said they didn’t have scandals like this under former President Trump, “And it just poses the question: What kind of people is Joe Biden bringing into the White House?”

Boebert also revealed that the key to the locker where the cocaine was found was missing.

“There are 182 lockers in that foyer and currently … locker number 50 where the cocaine was found, that key is missing,” she said. “There were more than 500 people who went through the West Wing during the weekend of when this substance was found, when the cocaine was found in the White House, and none of those people who have come through are classified as suspects.”

“We do not know how many were tourists, individual citizens, or staffers, and they currently are not looking any further into those more than 500 people who entered that foyer of the West Wing during that weekend,” she said. “Instead, they are quickly wanting to close this investigation and move on to the next Biden crime crisis.”

Boebert also told Fox News that she had learned that “there are no logs of the lockers. There’s no video surveillance of the lockers.”


She said that she believes that everyone who came in that weekend should be drug tested. She said all the Secret Service did was conduct background searches for prior drug use or convictions.

The bottom line, this shows that there’s a continuing problem that they are failing to address. Why haven’t we heard about these drugs before? More of that Biden “decency.” It seems they would rather cover it up than deal with it and be honest with the American people.



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