Where's Gavin? CA Gov. Newsom Departs for 'Personal Travel' Even as He Declares State of Emergency After Monster Storms

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Even as residents remain trapped in the mountains after monster storms dropped over 17 feet of snow in some areas, and thousands remain without power, California Governor Gavin Newsom slipped out of the state for “personal travel” Friday. [Full disclosure: my SoCal household was without power for much of Thursday. It only takes a few hours of not having electricity to realize how completely dependent we are on it for so many facets of modern life.]


The Golden State’s chief executive declared a state of emergency on Wednesday for 13 counties including Los Angeles, but evidently, said emergency is not enough for him to stick around.

He is expected to return Sunday, according to his press office. Maybe even he needed a break from the state’s woes:

His press crew did not say where he was traveling but did note that the famously-coifed potential presidential candidate visited the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant before departing. Strangely, the green energy proponent who wants to ban gas-powered cars in the state by 2035 seemed to be touting nuclear power of all things:

‘Yesterday, Gov. Gavin Newsom visited the Diablo Canyon Power Plant to tour its facilities and highlight how this source of carbon-free electricity will support energy reliability during California’s clean energy transition,’ read a statement from the governor’s office.


OK, that’s just plain weird. The greenest of the green zealots hyping the evilest energy source of modern times, nuclear? I was under the impression that Democrats considered nuclear power to be dangerous and unworkable, despite the fact that it’s efficient and when managed with effective safety protocols, a source of energy that does not produce air pollution or carbon dioxide.

In the meantime, however, the state’s residents are facing serious obstacles:

Newsom’s disappearance comes as polls show that a majority of Cali voters do not think the man should run for president:

Despite running off to who knows where, the former spouse of onetime Fox News host (and now Newsom critic) Kimberly Guilfoyle managed to find the time to throw shade at yet another red-state governor Thursday, trolling Tennesee’s Bill Lee. As our Sister Toldjah reported, the effort did not go well as he was quickly humiliated as Lee pointed out that “if you like [state] rankings, we recommend the Uhaul Growth Index,” which shows that Uhaul literally ran out of trucks leaving California because so many people are leaving the state.


That’s gotta hurt.

I have been a vocal critic of Newsom because I’ve watched as he and the Sacramento legislature have set out on a quest to destroy the beautiful, amazing state I moved to over 30 years ago.

I now barely recognize it. Certainly, I hope that neither the Governor nor his family is experiencing some sort of tragic personal issue, but it’s not the first time he’s disappeared—in November 2021 he was incommunicado for 10 days after receiving a COVID vaccine before reappearing at a lavish Getty wedding. He’s also displayed a fondness for staying at $29K a night Cabo San Lucas villas, so perhaps he’s gone south of the border.

While many people think he has no chance to become president should Joe Biden decide not to run for re-election, I have watched Newsom continue to fail upward, and it’s been unfathomable to me. Conservatives need to work overtime to make sure that never happens, or he will attempt to do to America what he’s done to the Golden State—ruin it.

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