Babylon Bee AI Article Generator Hysterically Mocks AOC and You Will Laugh out Loud

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It’s Sunday morning and there’s been plenty of bad news going around this week, so let’s turn to something that might put a smile on your face: making fun of politicians. If you’re looking for laughs, one of the wittiest places around these days is the parody site the Babylon Bee, which among other things produced the recent viral videos about a woke California couple who moved to Texas with hysterical results.

On Friday, the Bee, whose motto is “fake news you can trust,” announced its newest entrant in the tickle-your-funnybone contest: an artificial intelligence article generator that produces parody stories mocking New York Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).

The Bee’s brain trust tweeted that they were simply worn out from having to come up with so many “AOC is stoopid” stories:

Because I’m an extremely serious reporter who only covers extremely serious issues, I immediately went over to the generator and put it to work, and was frankly amazed by its output. Not only did I find the headlines funny, but I was also surprised that the “writing” was actually human-like—so much so that I contacted a secret source deep within the tunnels of the comic website who assured me that, no, the stories were not pre-written; the artificial intelligence was literally producing them within a few seconds of pushing the button.

(It’s entirely a coincidence that RedState’s own Kira Davis has appeared in Babylon Bee podcasts and videos).

Here’s a sample of the stories created just for me:

AOC Sees Plot to Solve Climate Change in ‘The Emoji Movie’

In a startling disclosure, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) revealed earlier this week that she had seen the solution to climate change in the 2017 animated film, The Emoji Movie.

The congresswoman spoke before an astonished crowd, describing the movie’s hidden messages and the secret blueprints she was able to extract. “It’s all right there, in the movie. We can solve the mysterious riddle of climate change,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “If we follow the trail The Emoji Movie lays out for us, we can save our planet.” After teasing a surprise that’s “bigger than even my Green New Deal,” Ocasio-Cortez quickly ran out of the room and has yet to return.

The article continues, but you get the idea. The Bee pinned a note at the bottom of the story explaining how it was produced in their typical humorous fashion:

Important: The content of this article was generated by our good friend, ChatGPT. The wording is completely random and hasn’t been reviewed by a human, therefore it may not make any sense. As such, the staff of the Babylon Bee may or may not partially or fully agree with all or part of it. We take no responsibility for articles that actually make AOC look smart. That was not our intention. Please report any flattering AOC content to our editors immediately by emailing [email protected].

I decided I needed to try the generator a few more times:

AOC Demands Government Provide Housing for Everyone’s Pet Llamas

In a call to action, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now demanding the government provide housing to all of their citizen’s pet llamas. In a recent tweet, the Congresswoman boldly declared that free housing for llamas is a right, not a privilege.

“It’s disgraceful that people living in this country should have to worry about their pet llamas not having homes,” read the tweet. “The government must step and provide housing for everyone’s llamas.” Her words have spurred calls from llama owners from all around the country, pushing for their furry friends to be provided with safe and affordable housing. Whether the government will comply with this demand remains to be seen.

Here are a few more silly headlines the Babylon Bee’s Artificial Intelligence came up with:

  • AOC Super Genius After Defeating 10th Grade Biology Test with Red Pen
  • AOC Struggles To Figure Out Which End Of Pencil Goes On Paper
  • AOC Shocks Critics by Easily Identifying an Apple

Now you may or may not find these funny—I do, because I like juvenile humor even though I’m an extremely solemn journalist—but even if you don’t laugh, you can’t help but be awed that a computer program wrote them in seconds. (I should rephrase: I can’t help but be awed. You may not be. You may also be dead inside).

It does seem time, however, that I check out trade school, because the business of writing may soon be taken over by robots.

I’ve often argued that humor is one of the best weapons in conservatives’ arsenals, and we must continue to ramp up the mockery of those who deserved to be made fun of for their ridiculous policies and ideas. The Babylon Bee has been at the forefront of conservative comedy, and what makes these AI articles so funny is that they almost could be true.

That’s how silly some of the things AOC (like all progressives) says are, and that’s how much the press fawns over her regardless.

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