Meet Siaka Massaquoi, the Passionate Conservative in the Viral California-to-Texas Babylon Bee Videos

Actor and First Vice Chair of the LAGOP Siaka Massaquoi (Credit: RedState)
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The Babylon Bee satire site reached heights of hilarity with its viral video series about the woke California couple Timpani and Steve, who moved to Texas and discovered a whole new world of unexpected happiness. They were mask-loving, COVID-fearing Americans who hated guns, found racism everywhere and spent most of their waking hours worrying about their pronouns.


Saturday Night Live could learn from these brilliant sketches—the folks in these videos are so absolutely absurd, yet so totally real and one hundred percent recognizable to anyone who’s come across them in real life. And if you live in Cali or another blue city or state, you most certainly have.

The fun begins when this enlightened couple moves to the Lone Star State and discovers that firearms are kind of cool, BBQ is actually delicious, and living in fear of imminent environmental catastrophe… kinda sucks.

They then realize they were deeply unhappy. (Most liberals are, they just never admit it.)

The series expertly mocks the mindset of so many in the bluest of the blue states, California, and it clearly struck a nerve.

One of the stars of the series is Siaka Massaquoi, who I’ve written about before (a fascinating story of government overreach, if I do say so myself) and who plays the husband from wimpy feckless woke guy to bad-ass, cowboy hat-wearing dude, told me that it was podcaster Joe Rogan who sent the clicks into the stratosphere. After Rogan mentioned the videos, the first one in the series received almost 20 million clicks. Twenty million.


That’s a lot of people who were moved by the message. Droning on about statistics and policies is great on conservative cruise vacations, but the Left uses emotion and culture to their advantage and so should we.

While Massaquoi is certainly funny, he’s much more than a comedian. He’s just been elected as First Vice Chair of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County (LAGOP), and he has lots of ideas about how conservatives and Republicans can improve their message and actually win elections in the future. He’s a passionate advocate of getting people out at the local level, where he thinks the battles are won and lost.

I interviewed him at the Turning Point USA America Fest last month, and you’ll want to know what he has to say:


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