Unhinged Joe Scarborough Says You're a 'Moron' and a 'Right-Wing Freak' if You Don’t Sign up for yet Another COVID Jab

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Joe Scarborough has become synonymous with Cringe TV, as the former Republican (really?!) congressman from Florida has moved on in life to host the MSNBC leftwing gabfest, “Morning Joe,” alongside his now-wife, Mika Brzezinski, who always looks like she just smelled something foul.

The two cooing lovebirds are hard enough to watch on a good day, but when the show’s namesake gets worked up and spews leftist propaganda it becomes simply unbearable.

Now, despite the fact that the mRNA COVID vaccines have been proven to be ineffective at best, dangerous at worst, he’s calling you a moron for not wanting more shots and a “right-wing freak” who doesn’t love your family. Is it any wonder that MSNBC’s ratings are in the tank?

Watch this idiocy:

“I’m just going to do this as a public service announcement to those people who actually love their children and love their families and their friends and want them to be healthy,” he said. “You know, yesterday when I was talking about getting COVID, and I should have gotten a fourth booster shot. A lot of these freaks were, ‘Oh, fourth booster shot, robot.’ No, listen, here’s the deal, moron. If you get a flu shot, what do you do? Do you go to the doctor? Oh my god, you want me to have a 50th flu shot? No. You get a flu shot every year.”

Excuse me Joe—who’s the freak here? Do you honestly think that if you’d had a fourth COVID shot, things would have gone better for you? I can cite many reports—but if would take me all night—that show that the boosters are flawed and that there is a possible negative efficacy to getting repeatedly dosed up. Just read Pandemia author Alex Berenson’s Substack, if you want a taste. Berenson is no right winger, and he always supplies compelling data to back up his claims.

But there’s also something else: it’s called your eyes. Or possibly, your lived experience. Let me put it this way: almost every single person that I know who has gotten multiple boosters has had COVID recently—and almost to a man/woman/other they described serious symptoms. I myself had the flu-with-a-publicist for the second time last month, and guess what? I spit on it. It was nothing, a bad cold at best. Would another few jabs have ensured I didn’t even cough once? TTDT—tend to doubt that.

Add to that, a close relative of mine suffered injuries from the vax. You’re telling me, Scarborough, that I don’t love my family because I’m not willing to put them through that again? You know where you can put it, Joe.

Scarborough’s answer to such criticism?

 “As we’re finding out with this pandemic, well, [the vaccine] lasts six months, maybe a year. So yes, yes. Put on your big boy pants. Put on your big girl pants.” [What if you’re not a girl or a boy, Scarborough? You’re just going to ignore those people? Bigot.]

In other words, ignore your instincts, ignore what you’re reading. Why? Because you’re doing it for society. It sounds like Joe is just begging to be invited to the next Davos World Economic Forum:

As a doctor explained to me when I didn’t want to get flu shots, you’re not just doing it for yourself, Joe.

You’re doing it for everybody.

Ah. That’s the real reason: Do it for the World, and ignore the consequences.

If you’ve read my work before, you might note that I’m a little extra vinegary today. That’s because the response to the pandemic has cost me and my family so much more that the virus itself ever did. I’ve taken real-world emotional, economic, and in some cases physical hits, and I’m not rushing to the clinic or asking my family to just so I can go virtue signal at D.C. cocktail parties (not that I’m invited).

Scarborough is holier-than-thou, haughty, and completely dismissive of the real-world concerns of regular Americans. It’s just another reason why MSNBC, CNN, the Washington Post, and the New York Times are now among the least-trusted news outlets on the planet.

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