WH Press Secretary Spends Last Day Before the Midterms Gaslighting the American Public

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I gotta say, it must be a tough job being President Joe Biden’s press secretary, because your main function is to go out there and claim that Joe didn’t say the things he said, or that his blatherings “were taken out of context” when it was actually perfectly clear what he meant.


Monday—the last day before the midterm elections—Karine Jean-Pierre played cleanup on Aisle 6 on a variety of Biden gaffes, alternately denying he said something, refusing to comment, or just otherwise gaslighting like crazy.

Many didn’t like former Press Secretary Jen Psaki, but in retrospect, she was at least competent in her job. You can’t say the same about Jean-Pierre, who has been stunningly inept in her tenure. Here she is with a flat-out—insert your own word here—”falsehood” explaining that Americans are not actually experiencing what they’re experiencing:

Think about what she just said when you prepare for Thanksgiving dinner this year. You might want to bring a bigger wallet to the grocery store, according to Fortune:

When it comes to Thanksgiving specifically, analysts say year-over-year cost increases in eggs (up 32.5%), butter (25.8%), and flour (17.1%) are some of the biggest contributors to the overall price jump consumers are facing when buying ingredients for the big meal.

The reality, according to Bloomberg, is that inflation is at a 40-year high. Citing actual facts evidently isn’t a job requirement for the job of press secretary.

Here’s Karine going back to one of her favorite tricks, claiming Joe didn’t actually say something, because A) she didn’t personally hear it, or B) It was kind of hard to hear. Except that everybody else understood it quite clearly:


She also tried to claim Biden’s words “were twisted.” Here’s what Joe actually said: “We’re gonna be shutting these plants down all across America, and having wind and solar.” Tell me, how exactly do you twist those words? He’s quite clear—emphatic even—about his plans to continue crippling domestic energy production.

He’s been doing it since day one of his presidency, so you don’t need to “twist” his words to believe he has no plans to stop now.

Judge for yourself. Here’s Joe during Sunday’s speech mixed with similar utterings from the 2020 Democrat presidential primary debates:

No need to “twist” those words.

Meanwhile, there’s been a spate of attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers since Roe v Wade was overturned. The White House has been quite vocal about its abhorrence of political violence, but it would seem that wouldn’t apply when said violence isn’t directed at their side:


If you’re waiting for her or Biden to speak out about the recent attack on a supporter of New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin, or the attempted assassination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, you’re probably going to grow a few more grey hairs before that happens.

Although it’d be my dream to send Joe and Karine packing tomorrow night, that’s not going to happen because Bumbling Stumblin’ Biden isn’t on the ballot. We’ll have to endure two more years of Jean-Pierre’s attempts to alter reality (if she lasts that long in the position).

We will, however, have the chance to vote in some people who actually might hold them accountable and be able to tamp down their excesses.

It might sound stale at the end of a lengthy election calendar, but it’s still true—we have to get out and vote, people!

We couldn’t fit in every single instance of misinformation, disinformation, obfuscation, and denial in one article, so if you need to be a masochist and put yourself through them all, you can watch Monday’s press conference here:


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