Obama Beclowns Himself With Humiliating TikTok Video

Former President Barack Obama is back in action these days, stumping for Democrat candidates in a desperate attempt to save the midterms. It would seem a little too late though, as polls are showing a potential massive red wave cresting on the horizon. Efforts like this lame TikTok video aren’t going to help save the day:


Oh, Barack. Seriously? Once you were the leader of the free world, and you’re still one of the most popular Democrats in the nation. This is what you’re doing with your time?

He appears on the channel underthedesknews, which bills itself as “The Nice Side of #NewsTok,” hosted by someone called “V” Spehar. Spehar is referred to as “they” in most news accounts, and the running joke apparently is that the host hides under a desk while talking about the day’s events. In the video posted Tuesday, Obama walks into frame, sits down, and says,

Here’s the thing: you can stay [under  the desk] for now, but when it comes time for voting you’re going to have to get up.

Ok, that sounds reasonable enough. But then he launches into his real pitch:

You got climate change legislation on the ballot, you got gun safety. And, when we can elect more pro-choice members of Congress, we can reinstitute Roe v. Wade as the law of the land.


No, actually you can’t; Obama is factually wrong. Roe v Wade was struck down by the Supreme Court and cannot be reinstated. What he is apparently referring to is the Democrats’ desire to codify abortion access into law, something that they repeatedly failed to do or pass despite two years of owning the House, the Senate, and the White House. It’s unlikely it will pass now, regardless of the outcome of the midterms.

It also just highlights once again how obsessed with abortion the Dems are. The nation is suffering through an inflation crisis, an energy crisis, a border crisis, and an epic crime wave, but if we just get abortion legalized everywhere everything will be great? People aren’t buying that.

Interestingly, Obama was just telling people to get off TikTok the other day:

After the former president exhorts the host to get out and vote, Spehar pops out from under the desk and says, “Is now a bad time to say that I voted for McCain in 2008?” Now there’s some comedy, folks. “Mmm… as long as you voted,” Obama grins. It’s hard to believe Spehar voted for a Republican presidential candidate, much less the uninspiring John McCain, and it’s just not funny anyway.


People were not amused:

It’s proof of the Democrats’ increasing desperation that they’re resorting to appearing in pathetic TikTok videos to garner voter appeal. I can’t imagine junk like this will change anyone’s mind, and they look clownish and unserious. Joe Biden similarly degraded himself recently, meeting with trans personality Dylan Mulvaney at the White House in another unbelievably cringe-worthy moment.

Democrats are hopefully going to get crushed in the midterms, and feeble, desperate last-minute attempts are not going to save them.


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