Kari Lake Campaign Slams Obama Speech in Phoenix: He 'Lost Arizona Twice'

Former President Barack Obama criticized Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake during a speech in Phoenix on Wednesday.

”This isn’t a reality show. If Kari Lake is your governor, we know what she’ll be focused on — because Donald Trump told us,” Obama said, while campaigning for the Democratic slate of statewide candidates. “What’s the worst that could happen?”


The former president also criticized Lake’s background as a local news anchor.

“Listen, if we hadn’t just elected somebody whose main qualification was being on TV, you could see maybe giving it a shot,” Obama said, taking a dig at both Lake and Trump.

Obama decided to visit the Grand Canyon state in an effort to boost Democratic turnout in a political environment favorable to Republicans, especially due to President Joe Biden’s broad unpopularity.

A campaign spokesman for Lake told RedState that it was a poor campaign strategy for Democrats to invite the former president.


“If Katie Hobbs actually cared about the people of Arizona, she would take Kari Lake on herself and debate her, instead of hiding behind a former President who lost Arizona twice,” the spokesperson said.

Hobbs and Lake are currently in a tight race to replace outgoing Republican Gov. Doug Ducey. Most polls currently show Lake holding the lead, which many attribute to the Democrat’s refusal to debate. Election Day is next Tuesday, but early voting is already underway in Arizona.


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