CNN Springs Embarrassing 'Gotcha' Question on Trump and Ten Commandments, Ben Carson Was Ready

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Former President Donald Trump spoke at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.

At one point, his remarks swung around to Louisiana's Republican governor signing a new bill into law this week that requires all public schools to display the Ten Commandments in classrooms.



Louisiana Republican Gov Signs Bill Into Law Requiring Display of the Ten Commandments in Public Schools

Trump broached the subject with the audience this way, to roaring applause:

Who likes the Ten Commandments, by the way, going up in the school?

Once the clapping died down, he said, "They think it's such a bad thing. I said, 'Has anyone read the... Thou Shalt Not Steal, Thou Shall...? I mean, has anybody read this incredible stuff? It's just incredible, they don't want it to go up. It's a crazy world."

He also mentioned the new law on his Truth Social account on Friday:

Once CNN got word of the presumed GOP presidential nominee's endorsement of the idea, it seems they couldn't wait to spring a "gotcha" question about it on the next Trump-adjacent guest. That guest was former Republican presidential candidate and former Trump Housing and Urban Development (HUD) secretary, Ben Carson, who sat down with host Abby Phillip on Saturday:


Listen carefully to how Carson, who it's thought is being considered for vice president on the 2024 Republican ticket, leaves the so-called journalist tongue-tied, when she fails to trap him into a soundbite capable of being wielded as a bludgeon against Trump. If this weren't a formerly respected news network, seeing someone act like Phillip does here would be comical. Instead, it's embarrassing.

Ben Carson lets the host sputter for a minute, then he states the truth: 

This isn't about President Trump, this about what is happening to the moral fiber of our nation. This is happening because people no longer respect other people, and these are rules of conduct that help people to start understanding that we have an obligation to treat our fellow man in a certain way.

Phillip started to interrupt, but Carson wasn't finished, adding, "When you teach that at a young age, it makes a big difference."

She agreed with him that we should "teach people values," then lost the plot again when she cried about the fact that these would be from "one particular religion."

Carson ignored the attack on Christianity, bringing it back to the ballot box, saying "If the people of Louisiana don't believe in it, they can do something about it, can't they?" 

All the host could do was smirk. She was beaten.

CNN should be required by the FCC to change its motto from "facts first," to "facts optional" because that appears to be the going m.o. for the talking heads employed there.


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