UAW Threatens Strike Against Automakers, Reminds Biden, Democrats of Their 'Obligation' to Big Labor

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The United Auto Workers (UAW) union has threatened to go on strike against major U.S. automakers, according to reports on a vote by its members on Friday, with the deadline happening when the union contract runs out in September-- and it's rather telling what the union's president thinks is the obvious solution to the impasse. More on that later.


Let's get the basics on how and when the UAW says it might strike out of the way first:

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union said Friday that an overwhelming majority of workers at the Big Three automakers — Ford, General Motors and Stellantis, formerly Chrysler — voted to authorize a strike if they don’t get “a fair deal” in contract negotiations.[...] 

The union, which represents more than 400,000 active members across several industries, has been in negotiations for weeks with the three automakers for higher pay, pensions and more job security ahead of a looming Sept. 14 deadline, when the UAW contract is set to expire.

As the union representatives and the auto companies have continued to negotiate a new contract, President Joe Biden seemed to tip his hand in comments earlier in August despite trying to strike an unbiased tone:

As the Big Three auto companies and the United Auto Workers come together — one month before the expiration of their contract — to negotiate a new agreement, I want to be clear about where I stand. I’m asking all sides to work together to forge a fair agreement.

He continued by saying "that UAW helped create the middle class in the U.S. and 'deserves a contract that sustains the middle class.'"

But something else Biden included in his remarks doesn't sit well with the union: pushing, once again, the Administration's plans to force the "transition" to EVs (electric vehicles) on the American public:

Biden added that he supports a fair transition to a clean energy future, doubling down on the issue while the UAW is currently withholding its endorsement of his reelection bid due to concerns over the White House’s focus on electric vehicles (EVs).


UAW President Shawn Fain made comments via livestream after the announcement about the strike and he hinted, not too subtly, that the union is depending on Biden and their Democrat friends in Congress to throw their weight on the scales in the negotiations with the Big Three:

....Fain told members that Biden "is not in our contract" but he said there is expectation that the “government, when they’re giving all our tax dollars to these companies and they form joint ventures to circumvent their obligation to us and to our standards, that something needs to change.[...]

“And it’s up to the Biden administration and our people in Congress to fix those things when it comes to our tax dollars going to those companies with with [sic] no conditions.

"Our people in Congress." This could get awkward very quickly, as the strike deadline nears, for both UAW and Democrats still at the beck and call of the radical progressives in their party. All I can advise conservatives to do, in the meantime: Better start popping those buckets of tasty popcorn ahead of time.


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