Kevin McCarthy Speaks on House Passage of Debt Ceiling Deal

After the bipartisan passage of the debt ceiling deal in the House with 16 more Democrats than Republicans voting “yea” Wednesday evening, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) “took a victory lap,” in remarks running about six minutes.


The Hill:

In remarks after the House vote, Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) took a victory lap, touting the cuts to IRS funding, unspent COVID money and more that were passed in the debt ceiling legislation.

Noting that his negotiators got a look at 11 percent of President Biden’s budget, McCarthy vowed his work wasn’t done.

“I’m waking up tomorrow going after everything we didn’t get here today,” the Speaker said.

As the Associated Press noted in its piece on the bill passing,

McCarthy insisted his party was working to “give America hope” as he launched into a late evening speech extolling the bill’s budget cuts, which he said were needed to curb Washington’s “runaway spending.”

But amid discontent from Republicans who said the spending restrictions did not go far enough, McCarthy said it is only a “first step.”

You can watch McCarthy’s full statement (from the start of the video, up to ~5:58) in the video below, via the official Speaker’s office YouTube:



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