NJ Mayor, Police Chief Call out Anti-Police Dem Murphy on His 'Destruction' of Law Enforcement

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Since last year, RedState has written extensively about Democrat New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s draconian Wuhan coronavirus quarantine measures, which led to lawful citizens being arrested for attending church or working out with full-on social distancing and masking-up inside a health club — which we now know are ridiculous measures while doing healthy exercise.


Even as late as May this year, his administration continued to impose onerous, indoor mask mandates on NJ residents. But this is just a preface to the dangerous, screwy way Murphy appears to think about his role as a chief executive in maintaining law and order in the Garden state.

So, what exactly has Gov. Murphy done to the police departments in NJ? Time and again, he’s bent a knee, like many blue state governors and other officials, to Black Lives Matter and #DefundThePolice leftists who don’t care about the safety of everyday Americans when they have a cause to promote — the effect of which often shields criminals from prosecution, while hurting the rest of us.

And here’s just the latest example. Murphy has left other elected and police officials in the state twisting in the wind and with no other choice than to restrict citizens’ freedoms. In this case, they’ve been hamstrung by the Democrat governor’s sweeping executive order.

Now, two of those officials are speaking out.

A press release from city officials in the town of Avalon this week included news of changes to what people there can do along the famed boardwalk and Jersey beaches. It also shared biting remarks from Mayor Martin Pagliughi and Police Chief Jeffrey Christopher, who condemn the governor and Democratic-controlled legislature for their actions that only make people less safe.


Avalon Mayor Martin Pagliughi has signed Executive Order 2021-07 that restricts access to the beach and boardwalk during certain hours until further notice.  This is a continuance of the intent of Executive Order 2020-15 that closes the beach daily between the hours of 9:00pm-4:00am, and the boardwalk daily between the hours of 11:00pm-4:00am.  The previous executive order was issued due to the declared New Jersey State of Emergency which continues through gubernatorial executive order until at least January 11, 2022.

Mayor Pagliughi, almost apologetically, extends a previous order to close beaches and the boardwalk to visitors and locals, citing the inevitable results of Democrat incompetence–the governor and legislature–forcing his hand. He’s quoted as saying:

“The continuance of this order is to provide our local police department with the necessary authority to disperse large groups of individuals who are congregating in unmanageable numbers on public property which often results in unsafe and disruptive behavior.”

“This unfortunate measure is a direct result of Governor Murphy’s destruction of effective enforcement of laws pertaining to juveniles, and the elimination of certain police powers.”

“Accountability and education begins at home, and some parents need to take an active approach in managing the activities and whereabouts of their juveniles. If they refuse, more drastic measures will be considered that would impact everyone as a result of actions of a few inconsiderate people.”.


The release continues, explaining in more detail what’s been happening along public beaches:

The Executive Order allows only police and other authorized personnel access to these public areas during restricted times. The Executive Order is in effect immediately. Recently, the beach and boardwalk have experienced vandalism to public property and excessive litter and debris created by large groups of individuals who congregate at night.

Chief Jeffrey Christopher adds:

“State leaders approved new legislation that requires police, in many cases, to issue only curbside warnings to minors for ordinance and disorderly persons offenses where there is no breach of peace, even when alcohol or cannabis use or possession is involved”, said Avalon Police Chief Jeffrey Christopher.

“For example, if a juvenile is in possession of drugs or alcohol, police can do nothing more than issue a warning, and the juvenile is not obligated to provide his or her actual name.  Young adults between the ages of 18 and 20 can only be issued written warnings for using alcohol or cannabis.  We remain hopeful that some parents become more involved and help us maintain the quality of life in our community despite the State’s new hands-off policies”.

The mayor continues, in a later part:

Avalon Police will continue to use municipal and state laws to charge and prosecute individuals to the greatest extent the laws provide who participate in illegal behavior. Curfew ordinances have consistently been declared unconstitutional by New Jersey courts.

“The State is directly responsible for unlawful conduct which compromises public safety”, Pagliughi said.  “From juvenile justice reform, the elimination of bail in many cases to threats of charging police officers with third degree crimes for investigating potential offenses, the responsibility for the proliferation of this conduct starts where it was authorized, in the hands of the Governor who signs this legislation”.


It’s obvious Murphy and his cohorts in power in state government continue to bedevil anyone trying to support actual, serious law enforcement in his state. It’s something that should be worrying to every conservative American — and really, any American who cares about the safety of their community.

The left isn’t hiding their agenda in any way; they don’t care about what’s written in the Constitution on this issue. Before someone insists that’s rightwing nut job talk and thinks that’s an exaggeration, let’s recall how Murphy, in his own words, waved away his blatant authoritarian edicts, when pressed by an actual journalist in June.

What did he have to say for himself then?

Why, the governor of New Jersey didn’t “think about the Bill of Rights,” he told Tucker Carlson, when ordering police to arrest worshipers at a synagogue, as my colleague Nick Arama reported. To quote one of actor/comedian Dana Carvey’s great characters from “Saturday Night Live,” back in the late ’80s and early ’90s when that late night comedy show was actually funny. “Well, isn’t that convenient?”



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