More 'We Don't Trust The Science,' Courtesy of NJ Gov. Phil Murphy

Chris Pedota/The Record via AP, Pool

Since the CDC came out with its new guidance saying that if you have been vaccinated that you will no longer need to wear a mask indoors unless at a large crowded event, we’ve seen Democrats who have claimed that they are “following the science” seem very reluctant to follow it.


Example? Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, as my colleague Sister Toldjah reported earlier. She wasn’t on board with the “science”

“Well, I think we’ve gotta get some clarification from the CDC. The rollout obviously is, the reporting has been, was a bit abrupt, and I think they’ve got a lot of clarification that they need to do,” Lightfoot said. “I know for me personally, I’m gonna continue to wear a mask in public and I’m gonna encourage others to do so.”

“We’ve gotta make sure that people are continuing to follow the public health guidance that has gotten us this far and masks I think are a big and important part of that,” Lightfoot said. “To say, well, if you’re vaccinated, you don’t have to wear a mask, that’s great, but what about all the other people that are out there that aren’t vaccinated and there’s no way to know that? So I think for the time being, most people are gonna continue to wear a mask outside, outside their homes, and I think that’s smart.”

What about the people who aren’t vaccinated and you don’t know that? The science is if you are vaccinated, you are protected. So what is the question here? Why should she care about whether anyone else she comes in contact with is vaccinated? Is she saying vaccination doesn’t work? This is basically questioning the efficacy of vaccines.


Pray tell, what does the CDC need to clarify? They seem to have been pretty definitive. The problem just seems to be Lightfoot didn’t like what they had to say. Now, if she wants to keep wearing a mask indoors, that’s again up to her. But if she’s imposing it on her city, then the rationale is no longer ‘because of the science.’

Lightfoot isn’t the only one who is refusing delivery of the science. Next entrant? Democratic Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey.

Listen as Murphy explains to Jake Tapper that he’s keeping the indoor mask mandates in place in New Jersey because “we’re just not ready yet,” despite the “science.”

Murphy repeats a litany similar to that of Lightfoot — saying you’re asking someone in the hardware store to make a judgment about who’s vaccinated or whose not. No, that’s a false argument. If you’re the hardware store owner and you’re vaccinated, why do you care? Plus, you can also impose whatever mask requirement you want in your own store. It’s an excuse to keep a state mandate in place. What exactly is the judgment that’s supposed to happen in a few weeks that isn’t already there now? The truth is really what he said to begin with: “We’re (translate: he’s) just not ready yet,” regardless of the science. “If we could save only one more life by waiting a couple of weeks longer, I’ll sign up for that,” Murphy says. So is he saying the CDC guidance is going to kill people?


Either the science is the science or it isn’t. It doesn’t become ‘more the science’ when you feel more comfortable and accept it more. Follow that science…except when we don’t like it.

“Our density usually helps us,” Murphy says. No, Governor, in this case, you are far too dense.


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