Owners of Atilis Gym in NJ Have Had Enough of Gov. Murphy, Kick In the Door Of Their Own Gym to Reopen

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Atilis Gym Ordered Closed

You may remember the story of the Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey.

New Jersey, which is ruled by the dictator, Gov. Phil Murphy, had ordered the gym closed in May, despite that they are limiting the number of people, social distancing and masks and doing all the things the state had been asking of businesses allowed to stay open like grocery stores.


But they refused to remain shut down, with folks allegedly still coming.

So on Thursday early morning the police came and arrested the two owners of the gym who were actually there with the person writing a book about their situation.

According to CBS Philly, 33-year-old Ian Smith, of Delanco Township, and 51-year-old Frank Trumbetti, were both charged with one count of fourth-degree contempt, obstruction, and violation of disaster control act — both disorderly persons summons.

Their author, BJ Dowlen, described the action:

“Well, this was a first,” Dowlen said in a Facebook post. “I stayed the night in the gym writing, my book clients Ian & Frank were just waking up, I’m gathering my computer & notebooks, just waiting for the guys to come out for a few final questions, and then a SWARM of Camden County Sheriffs & local Bellmawr police (with K-9 units waiting in a vehicle) come bursting thru the door….to me, sitting there, writing, by myself. First & foremost, the law enforcement officers were polite & respectful. Look for my video footage on national channels. And tonight/this morning, I am writing this new book chapter right now!!!”


Murphy tweeted out that no one would be allowed to defy him.

But that wasn’t the end of the story, because this morning the owners kicked in the door of their own business in order to reopen in defiance of Murphy.

Maybe they should just call it a BLM protest like the many which have been allowed in New Jersey including in my own town?

Or maybe call it a ball game?


One of the reasons that many Americans are so annoyed with the lockdown rules is often the utter arbitrariness of the “rules” based purely on the edict of the governor as they also ignore the rules for things like BLM protests. Or where some people can’t have funerals or are limited to 10 people while they see large funerals for important people like John Lewis. Meanwhile the “rules” are causing many of businesses to go under without giving them the ability to adapt or operate with precautions.

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