BREAKING: US Senate Passes $900B COVID Relief Bill

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The Monday of the week of Christmas 2020 began much like many days in Washington, D.C., begin, with politicians of all stripes refusing to give a straight answer to the American people. In this case, it was Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi avoiding CNN’s Manu Raju’s questions on exactly why a bill to help families and business owners struggling during the Wuhan coronavirus for months hasn’t come about before now, as my colleague Sister Toldjah reported this morning.


When CNN’s Manu Raju asked her at that same presser whether or not it was a “mistake” to not accept a smaller bill months ago when she had the chance, the House Speaker got snippy again, noting it was a calculated decision on her part to delay an agreement on the bill until after the election and that she was not ashamed of the decision.

RedState also helped ferret out and give context to the truly “crappy” stuff in the direct payments bill the House passed earlier. Bonchie’s piece, especially, is worth poring over, unlike the representatives in Congress with the legislation revealed just hours before the vote. And there were numerous, other angles you would kick yourself if you missed, including some words of wisdom from GOP House Freedom Caucus member, Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky and a VIP piece on how much Congress really thinks you’re worth.

Then this evening, Brandon Morse shared a blistering speech from Kentucky’s junior senator, Rand Paul, on the floor of the U.S. Senate on the “absurdity of big government” and the obscene spending it demands. .

Now, Fox News is reporting that that bloated, $900 billion legislation has now passed the U.S. Senate:

Our Jennifer Van Laar asks the question of the hour:



via Manu Raju of CNN:

#Breaking – In the final days of the bitterly divided 116th Congress, Senate gives bipartisan approval to $2.3 trillion in economic relief and government spending after months of gridlock. Trump will sign bill within days once paperwork is sent to his desk. Vote was 91-7

As this is breaking news, RedState will bring you additional details as they become available.



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