Apparently, Congress Believes You're Worth $600 of Fake Money

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

The newest stimulus bill is worth $900 billion. You’d think that’s a pretty hefty sum to distribute among the peasantry, but as you can see, the nobles in Washington have declared that only 1/5 of that needs to go to the American people.

My colleague Bonchie already wrote an amazing article that details the absolute lunacy of this round of stimulus money and you should definitely check it out.

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Personally, I’m of the mind that we should receive nothing in terms of stimulus checks and that the better thing to do would just be to open America back up and discontinue this non-effective lockdown nonsense. People already know how to fish, yet various state governments insist they continue to give us fishes and thank them for it.

That’s insulting enough as it is, but then the federal government just handed us a single sardine and patted themselves on the back for it.

Each American will receive $600 out of the $900 billion in the stimulus package. Congratulations.

Where is the other 4/5 of the bill going? As Bonchie pointed out, $82 billion is going to schools that aren’t even open right now. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine.

While I’d like to tell you this the most insulting part, it’s not.

In my opinion, the most insulting part of this is that as congress debated how much to give you over the course of nine months, they continued to receive their own paychecks without interruption. Many of these representatives collected these paychecks while you suffered in lockdown, unemployed, or watching your business sink under the waves taking your entire livelihood and years of hard work with it.

We have been through hell and back in 2020 and the most that these people walking marbled halls in pure comfort and luxury think that you need is $600.

The question you should ask yourself is how this would have gone if congress had to live the same life that you did. What if they had to follow every single rule the people they represent had to follow in their respective states? What if there was no making a paycheck for the politician so long as the people of New York and California didn’t make money because they couldn’t go back to work?

What if the only access to money they could get was in the form of a stimulus check?

Do you think these members of Congress would have taken nine months to decide on an amount? Do you think it would be as small as $600?

I don’t.

You may have seen bi-weekly checks with about as much as three to four thousand dollars at the minimum. Who knows what other benefits you might have gotten during the lockdowns if the lockdowns were even a thing politicians had wished to continue if they were obeying the same rules?

Which they’re not.

Ultimately, the officials in Washington have shown that when it comes to your well being, you’re not exactly a priority. The priority isn’t even the special interest groups who will likely be swimming in it. The priority for the congressional members whom we elected to serve our needs is the congressional members themselves.

This is an insult added to a very grievous injury.

What’s worse is that the money is worth next to nothing. There is no “free money” as Sen. Rand Paul made very clear on Twitter.

“There is no free money to get us out of this situation. In fact, there is no more money at all. The answer is not printing up and distributing “free money” to everyone. The answer is immediately opening the economy,” tweeted Paul.

If I may add to that.

So congress isn’t even really giving you $600. They’re giving you a check worth a meager amount of imaginary money in hopes that this will somehow convince you to give them less of a hard time.

This is how corrupt our government has gotten. It’s so bad that you’re a tertiary concern that is worth so little that they would wait nine months to decide to give you a small amount of fake money.


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