Rand Paul Demolishes Congress and the Absurdity of Big Government in Blistering Floor Speech

Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post via AP, Pool

Honestly, posting this amazing speech by Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul should be enough for a decent article.

Paul took to the Senate floor on Monday to rake our own government over the coals for its handling of the stimulus check and the virus in general, and it’s well deserved. As Caleb Hull tweeted out, the 9-minute video is worth every second and has a bit of catharsis attached to it.


Paul starts by torching Republicans who denounce printing money with impunity with one side of their mouth and then embrace this kind of irresponsibility out of the other side. Paul notes that these Republicans might as well join the “everybody gets free money” caucus on the left until the dollar is worth nothing in value.

Paul moves into discussing just how the government spent twice as much money as they budgeted for, and that the money we’re handing out to the people is worth absolutely nothing. He warns that the money we’ve spent today is going to be paid for by our children and grandchildren — with interest. Our debt continues to amass with almost no slowdown, thanks to the irresponsible spending of our government.

He warns that our children’s futures are being destroyed by our decisions today, thanks to this economic nonsense.

Rand moves on to the measures being taken by governments to curb COVID-19 — moves that he labels “arbitrary and unscientific.” As an example, he mentions how one zip code over, a city can be vibrant with life and commerce, while the next zip code over is in complete lockdown. Those counties and cities that are in lockdown are suffering as people lose their livelihoods left and right.


Government officials make ridiculous rules like closing at a certain time, because the virus apparently doesn’t do anything after a certain time. Mom and pop stores are forced to close, but big corporate businesses are allowed to stay open.

This speech needs to be played on repeat on every news station across America, but it’s unlikely that it will be embraced by the left, and the mainstream media will likely ridicule it — if they play it at all.


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