Babylon Bee Exec Says He Has Antibodies for COVID-19, But "Never Had Symptoms"

Screenshot, Tucker Carlson

Many people are familiar with The Babylon Bee, a satirical, online publication that rivals The Onion for its snappy, political skewering.

They share stories like:


Which contain funny (but obviously made-up) lines like,

This is a big change for CNN, but they expect it to lead to improved ratings.

“I think this is an exciting new format for us,” explained CNN CEO and founder, Bob CNN, “and it’s a lot of cost savings, as we’re just paying the cable bill to watch FOX News.”

He then added in a whisper, “I don’t actually have to pay those two to yell at FOX News.”

And this one from last July:


I’m a fan.

And even our own Kira Davis has appeared as a guest on their podcast a few times. Though, some publications just don’t get the joke, as you’ve probably heard.

But today on Twitter, one of the Bee’s executives, CEO Seth Dillon, revealed some very serious news to followers — that he doesn’t have COVID-19 but has tested positive for the antibodies.

He says he never had symptoms:

Right away, people had questions:



Someone brought up the idea of him donating plasma, which Dillon seemed unaware of:

When a few people asked why Dillon even took the tests, his answer underlined the importance of the patient-doctor relationship:

The White House Coronavirus Task Force has started to roll out millions of antibody tests to labs and doctors’ offices across the country, as my colleague Nick Arama reported.

Dillon clarified how simple the process is — no invasive swabs into your nasal cavity or anything:

I’m sure I speak for everyone when I wish Seth the best of health!

Back in January, Dillon appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” which you can watch below:



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