Jaime Radtke to run for U.S. Senate in Virginia

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Former Chairwoman of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Jamie Radtke, as speculated, has filed paperwork to run for U.S. Senate, reports WTVR in Richmond.


Radtke is currently leading our completely non-scientific candidates’ poll for the GOP nomination with 211 votes. Trailing closely behind her is former U.S. Senator George Allen, who has yet to file, but is expected to, with 208. No other candidate contends in the poll.

According to WTVR:

…she mailed in the papers on December 23, after gaining the support of family members and friends and raising some money from political backers.

When asked about the primary reason for her decision to run, the Moseley mom cited her three children, who she fears will suffer the fallout from a national debt that continues to balloon.

Also see Washington Wire from the Wall Street Journal

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