'Republican' Donald Trump Backs A Nice Big Regressive Tax Hike

This move by Trump likely won’t make liberals mad because they love tax increases. Naturally, it will bug conservatives who have argued time and time again that Trump’s natural Democratic tendencies would show themselves when it suited him.


Well, it suits him.

According to Axios, Trump backed a 25 cent increase in the gasoline tax:

President Trump endorsed a 25-cent gas tax hike to pay for infrastructure at a White House meeting this morning with senior administration officials and members of Congress from both parties, according to two sources with direct knowledge. Trump also said he was open to other ways to pay for infrastructure, according to a source with direct knowledge.

His defenders will, of course, jump all over the “open to other ways” blather. “Oh, he’s just being the master negotiator!”

Hogwash. Trump doesn’t suggest something to negotiate. He makes suggestions based on whatever enters his brain last and if he thinks it’s a good idea, he backs it in that moment. He’s reversed course before, but not as part of any negotiation but rather due to whoever had his ear last.


Thankfully, actual Republicans won’t allow this to go through. Trump will likely blame it on Democrats or the “fake news media” and it won’t go anywhere. It is, however, another example of where Trump shows he has zero ideological core and will go along with goofy ideas because they sound good in the moment.

Suffice it to say, it is an awful idea. With inflation looming, oil prices and gas prices have already started to rise. The last thing people need is another 25 cent tax at the pump. Hopefully, as the story says, it is dead on arrival for Republicans.



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