Media Find Joe Biden in Fine Shape for a '24 Run, Trump on the Other Hand...

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Despite mounting, almost daily, public evidence of Joe Biden’s creeping mental fog, mainstream media has launched an enthusiastic campaign of reassurance that the 80-year-old Swamp creature is in fine physical condition for the 2024 campaign and, nearly six more years of his garbled governance.

God save us.

At the same time, the same media maintains steady, minute-by-minute coverage of the Manhattan district attorney’s intense but crumbling political effort to prosecute Biden’s presidential predecessor for allegedly paying hush money to an adult-film actress, a case the feds decided was unworthy.

But the DA, Alvin Bragg, is a disciple of George Soros. So, he’s pressed on despite the statute of limitations and risk of making Donald Trump into something of a sympathetic character.

The desperate media is also intent on further soiling Trump’s reputation in voters’ minds and, not coincidentally, inciting reader traffic with Trump’s hot-button name.

It has now taken to breathlessly covering what isn’t happening in the unprecedented trumped-up political case against a former president. Anything to keep the story alive, even if piling on becomes laughable.

Some recent headlines:

Manhattan grand jury not meeting Thursday in Trump probe-TheHill

Grand Jury in Trump Case Unexpectedly Called Off Wednesday-YouTube, CBS

Trump Grand Jury Hearing Other Matters Thursday-Fox10

TRUMP INDICTMENT WATCH: Grand jury meeting postponed, Bragg tells them to be ready for evidence hearing Thursday-PoliticsNY

Donald Trump Grand Jury Is Called Off for

Trump Awaits New York Grand Jury Decision-CBS

Trump grand jury hearing other matters Thursday-WTOC

Trump Grand Jury Not Meeting Wednesday-CBS

Trump grand jury called off for Wednesday-Politico

Movie filming outside Trump grand jury court buildings-ABC News

Grand Jury Hearing Trump Evidence Did Not Meet Wednesday-NYT

Grand jury looked set for potential Trump indictment but didn’t meet-MSNBC

Grand Jury Won’t Act in Trump Hush-Money Payment Investigation This Week-WSJ

Trump Grand Jury Called Off for Wednesday-Yahoo News

Trump Grand Jury Meeting Postponed, Could Meet Thursday-Time

Trump Grand Jury Not ‘Likely’ to Meet Thursday-BusinessInsider

Trump Screams Into Void As Manhattan DA Probe Goes Quiet-Politico

Trump Live Updates: Grand jury to resume work at noon, but it may not be on the indictment-CNBC

Grand Jury Not Likely to Consider Trump Hush Money Until Next Week-NBC

Trump Hush Money Probe Goes Quiet After Chaotic Week-CNN

All the while, media conscientiously continue to ignore mounting evidence from a GOP House investigation of the Biden crime syndicate’s multi-million-dollar, international influence-peddling operation, headed by a mysterious “big guy.”

The Babylon Bee captured the silliness with the headline: “Trump To Be Indicted For Removing Mattress Tag In 1997.”

This all would make an excellent two-semester, graduate course in journalism ethics, if the profession’s preferred narratives permitted ethics.

Now, about Joe Biden. We’ve disagreed with many Biden policies since his first day in office when the guy who rides around in a motorcade of SUVs began consciously disassembling the nation’s hard-earned energy independence that benefited people who buy their own gas.

That’s because fossil fuels are bad and anyway, in 12 years he says everybody will be driving cars powered by electricity, most of which is, by the way, generated by fossil fuels.

There have been so many disappointments: The indecision that turned the Afghan exit deadly. Several shortages in crucial supplies like infant formula and insulin that Biden claimed to have no knowledge of.

And Biden lies that are easily disproven and have become so frequent that media has lost count. Or at least it doesn’t share them as it did to keep us current on the Republican’s lies.

Biden’s long been infamous for his public obscenities, insensitive comments about immigrants, occasional gaffes, and lies. In fact, his first presidential campaign ran aground and sank after presenting the words of a British politician as his own.

Goofiness by a garrulous senator from an obscure state is one thing, like the uncle at Thanksgiving dinner whose off-color remarks cause eyes to roll silently.

But the same thing coming out of the alleged leader of the free world is something else. The examples of Bidenfog are legion and worsening as they accumulate.

But don’t worry. Media has good news about the Democrat who spent much of the 2020 campaign broadcasting from his dank Delaware basement. Now, that he’s approaching 81 instead of 78,

The Hill is optimistic:

Biden Camp Confident He’s Up to Rigors of Campaigning, Even Amid Doubts

These are the same people who before a meeting feel the need to give the president reminder notes to say hello and sit in an empty chair. At a memorial service for a deceased congresswoman, he asked out loud where she was.

In recent remarks, Biden said he was working to “keep guns out of the hands of domestic political advisers.” The official White House transcript was later revised to read “convicted domestic abusers.”

Now, realize that Biden’s teleprompter is a mini-jumbotron that even Mr. Magoo could read. My colleague Nick Arama wondered how do you read the latter and come out with the former?

Here’s something else caught on video the president said at that Women’s History Month event:

History is made when women decide there is greater risk in accepting a situation they cannot bear than steeling our spine and embracing the promise of change and no one has more in her spine than Nancy Pelosi.

Are Kamala Harris’ word salads contagious?

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Biden also told a strange story about his wife, whom he called “the first full-time lady.” He said she leaves notes on his mirror, one of which said:

Stop trying to make me love you

Cringe. Who with a clear mind in front of any audience would choose to share such a thing? Even if true.

The answer, of course, is they wouldn’t, if they had a clear mind. Makes you wonder what else is unclear in the commander in chief’s mind?

Such concerns have led pollsters to detect that a large proportion of Americans, even Democrats, say they would like someone else to head that 2024 ticket. But not Harris either.

Then, there are other issues facing Biden, whose job approval remains deeply underwater, now nearing its lowest point yet.

Issues like inflation, a looming recession, repeated supply shortages, and unattended events like toxic train wrecks and huge airline cancellations have combined to create a widespread sense of gloom, not unlike the late Jimmy Carter days.

Most Americans now believe their children’s lives will not be as good as their own, a sharp change from generations of optimism.

There are also incriminating details emerging from the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop and Suspicious Activity Reports from Biden’s own administration.

Biden has doubled down on claims he never talked with son Hunter about his business. This despite photos of Biden with Hunter’s clients. Jonathan Turley calls this Biden’s “I know nothing Sgt. Schultz defense.”

The Suspicious Reports show a million dollars arriving from Chinese interests and distributed to several Bidens. Asked about this the other day, Biden said simply, “That’s not true.” And walked away.

Well, such stonewalling to a sympathetic media will only work so long under the intense klieg lights of a presidential campaign.

Asked last year how he could seek reelection amid so many serious challenges, including his advanced age, Biden replied, “Watch me!”

We are watching. And we’re not alone in wondering now if the announcement of a 2024 Biden campaign has been repeatedly delayed for reasons other than the man’s chronic indecision and tardiness.

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