Joe Biden Nears His 2024 Reelection Bid Despite All These Reasons He Shouldn't

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Joe Biden is said to be preparing to announce his seemingly suicidal reelection campaign soon. And the unidentified “they’s” who tell him what to do seem unable to stop him. Or unwilling, since then they’d be out of a big important job in the bizarro world of Washington.

All of the indicators that savvy politicians use to prepare a national campaign launch – the job approval, favorability, head-to-head polls, the economy, inflation, national security record, Right Track-Wrong Track, his obviously declining mental state, and that clenched angry look or the eerie, empty stare he gets – are all telling Joe Biden to forget about staying on as president to age 86.

And that he should go walk in the rain with Commander on the beach while Hunter copies the remaining classified files before the next faux FBI raid and a ghostwriter makes up an autobiography that some publisher will pay millions for.

As for Jill, she’s “only” 71 and seems to relish being a so-called “Dr.” in the public spotlight. She jets here on government planes, speaks there to polite applause, kisses the vice president’s husband on the mouth, invites 50 governors’ spouses to a White House lunch then doesn’t show, and, of course, guides Joe off stages.

And the Democrat Party’s smirking bigwigs, who patronized his goofiness all these years, then rode him back into their VIP parking spots after the 2020 election, act like they can’t possibly turn down an unpopular incumbent president who likes his government housing and Secret Service chauffeurs.

They’re all praying – if they remember how – that Republicans prop up their own only slightly less old guy for a 2020 rerun next year.

Just imagine though what a sharp, polite GOP governor 35 years younger with military service and a conservative record would look like on a debate stage next to an enfeebled 82-year-old Biden.

What could Biden possibly respond about his serial lying, about his open southern border with 150,000 illegal incursions each month kindly steered into obscurity and government benefits in distant cities, the unstaunched flow of illegal drugs causing record overdose deaths, and blithely allowing a Chinese spy balloon to traverse the country unhindered?

As for the American people who collectively voted in a Republican House last fall to stall Democrats’ crippling spendathon, well, screw them. So what if many are coming to the silent, scary realization they were horribly wrong in 2020? Those voters can’t do anything about it now.

We can all just stew in our own fears watching a president lost on a stage shaking hands with invisible people and his next-in-line who’s always clapping for him and, let’s be honest, wasn’t handpicked for her smarts. A supportive media will tell the public what to know.

Here are the signs that Joe Biden apparently sees urging him to seek another term:

Joe’s Job Approval —

Biden’s job approval has been underwater since August of 2021. That’s when he rejected military advice, abandoned allies, and ordered the disastrous, deadly U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and the aborted refugee evacuations that he still calls “an extraordinary success.”

And the administration’s recent discordantly passive response to a Chinese spy balloon didn’t help.

The RealClearPolitics average currently has Biden at 42 percent Favorable and 52.9 percent Unfavorable. With a range of 39 to 45 Favorable and 46 to 56 Unfavorable.

Only three of the 13 postwar presidents have had lower job approvals at this point in their term. Two of them went on to lose reelection – Jimmy Carter and Donald Trump. The third dropped out – Lyndon Johnson, and let his vice president take the L.

Malcolm on the Right
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Another Joe Biden Candidacy —

A lop-sided majority (58 percent) of Democrats want someone else to be the Democrat nominee next year, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll. Less than one-third of Democrats (31 percent) want Joe Biden to be the nominee.

The Washington Examiner’s astute Byron York points out that 26 percent of that poll’s sample were Democrats. Which means only 31 percent of 26 percent want a Biden 2.0 administration.

That poll also asked all respondents how they’d feel if Joe Biden got a second term. Thirty-two percent would be dissatisfied, 30 percent angry, seven percent enthusiastic.

Last fall before the midterm elections, a majority of Democrats (52 percent) in an AP/NORC Center Poll wanted Joe Biden to seek reelection. This month, not so much. That number has plunged to 37 percent.

The career legislator is not getting much credit for all the spending he touts as achievements. Those new dollars now total nearly five trillion, and are largely credited with igniting the current inflation.

Instead, AP reported:

Follow-up interviews with poll respondents suggest that many believe the 80-year-old’s age is a liability, with people focused on his coughing, his gait, his gaffes, and the possibility that the world’s most stressful job would be better suited for someone younger.

Last fall of Democrats under age 45, nearly half (45 percent) supported another Biden term. Today, that segment has plummeted to less than one-quarter (23 percent).

The only way any president could turn the empty ceremony of an annual rote State of the Union address into something interesting – and true – would be to say something like,

My fellow Americans, today our nation finds itself in 36 inches of mud with 28-inch wheels.

But like virtually every president, Joe Biden’s 6,200-word State of the Union portrayed the nation as strong. Turns out, Americans heartily disagree. About three-quarters of the country told Gallup they’re dissatisfied with the way the country is going, including nearly half “Very Dissatisfied.”

Joe Biden is slowing down —

Joe Biden’s address was 1,200 words shorter this year. But it took him about 12 minutes longer to read it. This included an occasional mumble: “MAKE NO MISTAKE!,” the president yelled, “If you try anything to raise the cost of frisizhnjubs I will veto it.”

Democrats gave him a standing O for that.

As one result, the audience for his appearance on 16 TV networks dropped almost 30 percent this time, down to an estimated 27.3 million. Interestingly, only five percent of those viewers were under age 35.

Here’s the C-SPAN video if you want to catch up. And Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders’ GOP response.

Biden cited, among other things, the latest jobs report showing an unexpectedly large number of new ones last month, 517,000. He neglected to state, however, how many of them were Americans forced back to work or into a second job to make ends meet in the Age of Bidenflation.

Inflation’s Inflated Under Biden —

When Joe Biden took office in 2021, the monthly inflation rate was 1.4 percent. By that August it was 5.3, By January last year 7.5 percent. By last August it was 8.3 percent. The next inflation report comes out on Valentine’s Day.

The price of gas, which Biden will never pump again himself, was even worse. On Election Day 2020, the average price of gas was $2.09. By the inauguration of Joe Biden, who has vowed to strangle fossil fuels, the price was up to $2.38.

The next day Biden began dismantling the nation’s hard-won energy independence with new regulations, expansive drilling bans, rescinded leases, and killing the Keystone Pipeline.

That April, the price was $2.86. In June, $3.09, November $3.41. One year ago now, the average price was $3.61. Last summer, it reached $5.06 with some areas paying well over $6.00.

Biden approved draining one million barrels of oil every day (about 44 million gallons of petroleum product) from the nation’s emergency petroleum reserve that his predecessor had been filling at cheap prices, Ultimately, Biden removed nearly 200 million barrels and left our reserves at the lowest level in 40 years.

Last month, Biden canceled the first scheduled purchase to begin the refill. You probably saw all the media outrage over yet another broken Biden promise.

No, you didn’t. There was none.

With OPEC and now Russia cutting production to boost global prices, U.S. gas costs that eased are now moving back up through $3.45.

In another Gallup poll released last week, half of Americans said they are worse off this year than a year ago. Only one other time in the 47 years of asking that question has half the country given that grim assessment. That was in the 2008-09 recession when — Oh, look! — Joe Biden was vice president.

Currently, two-thirds of Americans (65.7 percent) feel the country is on the Wrong Track, while 25.8 percent say it’s headed in the right direction. That ABC News Poll found four-in-10 Americans saying they are worse off now than when Biden took office.

Other than that, a squinting Joe Biden can peer at the signs and see a rosy outlook for proceeding with his reelection campaign.


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