Malcolm on the Right Commentary, Ep. 2: Joe Biden's Lights Dim and We're in Big Trouble

Malcolm on the Right Commentary, Ep. 2: Joe Biden's Lights Dim and We're in Big Trouble

This is Episode 2 of RedState’s new weekly audio commentary.

It’s brief — and scary.

Joe Biden, America’s commander in chief and alleged leader of the free world, commented the other day that he was puzzled by Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Russia.

All of us would be too, if Putin had done that.

The U.S. leader, who controls the launch codes to our deadly nuclear deterrent, got the invaded country wrong.

The Russian president actually sent Moscow’s conscripts to invade Ukraine, not his own nation.

Russia/Ukraine. Ehh, but they’re pretty close to each other. Right next door, in fact. So, our Fourth Estate watchdogs didn’t make much of the president’s latest public gaffe. See, it’s understandable for an almost 80-year-old who missed his nap.

Malcolm on the Right
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Trouble is, Biden screws up even when he does take naps. Remember the deadly Afghanistan debacle. He calls Kamala Harris the president. Forgets names of Cabinet members standing right next to him.  Dozes off in an Oval Office meeting with a foreign head of state.

In his recent State of the Union address, Biden proposed two major legislative initiatives for 2022. Alas for him but good for us, Biden’s very own party had already killed both of them. However, he vows to keep on keeping on.

The world sees this frailty and weakness and moves on American interests. In Crimea, during 2014, when Biden was vice president and another Democrat was president, for instance.

Not during the tumultuous term of the unpredictable and tough Donald Trump, who happened to be a Republican.

Then, two months after Biden moved into the White House and Democrats also took control of Congress, Putin began assembling troops around Ukraine for the largest invasion since World War II.

There’s a pattern there. If only U.S. voters had figured it out.

Well, maybe on this November 8.


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