White House Scrambles to Fix Biden Gaffe as He Goes Incoherent, Sniffs Baby

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Joe Biden has been getting worse. Even though they’ve largely just had him doing ceremonial-type things, like the recognition of Women’s History Month, he still can’t seem to get through even the simplest event without issues.


When he had the Women’s History event on Wednesday, he made some bizarre comments about his wife Jill and LGBTQ people, as we reported. He talked about Jill being the “first full-time lady.” He also said that she left what sounds like a sad note for him on his mirror saying “stop trying to make me love you.” Yikes. Then he also made a weird remark when he was trying to pander to the groups in the room, but then oddly talked about the “LGBTQ survivors.”

But he also had another big gaffe that the White House is scrambling to fix, when he vowed to disarm “domestic political advisers.”

Now that’s kind of hilarious. One might argue that his domestic political advisers are not armed — at least not with any common sense. And that maybe they should be “disarmed,” given all the harm that they’ve done.

But what he was supposed to say was “convicted domestic abusers.” How do you read that off the teleprompter and come out with “domestic political advisers”?

They had to change the official transcript of the event.


But then even as they tried to correct that, he was back at those “what the heck did he say” moments on Thursday during another ceremonial event recognizing the anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

“History is made when women decide there is greater risk in accepting a situation they cannot bear than steeling our spine and embracing the promise of change and no one has more in her spine than Nancy Pelosi,” Biden said incoherently. It couldn’t have said that on the teleprompter, but this was just complete confusion, with him, not even realizing it was confusion. What the heck does Pelosi have in her spine? What is he even talking about here? You look at stuff like that, and you know that he’s just not going to be in any condition for the 2024 race.

When Biden was trying to talk about prescription drugs, he got thrown off his script a little when a baby made noise in the White House audience. Then he had another cringeworthy moment. He said that was alright because “Matter of fact, I like babies better than people.”


Joe, babies are people.

He also held the baby, the child of Rep. Jimmy Gomez (D-CA), and looked like he was trying to sniff the baby.

Now, he’s in Canada to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and God knows how he’s going to embarrass us there. He’s already had one meeting in the evening and his issues get worse in the evening.

But I thought here was the perfect symbol for the Biden administration, from a response to that White House transcript change.

Unfortunately, that’s where we are with him. Who knows what he will say next?


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