MOTR, Ep. 50: Why Jimmy Carter's Final Decision Is Most Revealing

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On February 18, the Carter Center announced that 98-year-old former President Jimmy Carter, who’s experienced several serious health challenges and hospital stays in recent years, had decided to forsake any additional medical intervention on his health.

And that he was going home to spend his last days with family under hospice care, meaning tending to pain and comfort only. The country now awaits word on the passing of the 39th and longest-living chief executive.

No need for a multi-million-dollar oceanfront estate for the Carters. As they did after his 1980 landslide defeat by Ronald Reagan, the Carters still live in the ranch-style home they built decades ago just off Main Street in the tiny rural Georgia town of Plains (Pop. 553), where he is known as Mr. Jimmy.

Hospice care at home or in an institution has become a commonly-accepted form of dying now, choosing to forsake society’s many medical marvels that can keep a person’s body operating mechanically far longer than the patient or family may deem actually living.

Over the years, I’ve had lengthy experience researching and writing about these societal changes, back when giving up available medical care was often clandestine.

That’s the topic of this week’s audio commentary.

The most recent audio commentary was a rumination on the old Lone Ranger radio and TV series. and how helpful it would be today to have someone helping people with no expectation of financial or political reward. But a modern Lone Ranger would probably get doxxed.

This week’s column examined why so many of Joe Biden’s policies and decisions — like purposely terminating the nation’s hard-earned energy independence — seem to be carefully designed to intentionally damage the country he’s sworn to protect.

It really is stunning. And it’s not just disagreement on policies.

Much of the media attention this week was focused on the ongoing unprovoked war in Ukraine, and Joe Biden’s visit there and then to Poland to vow ongoing U.S. and NATO military support in the fight against Vladimir Putin’s so-called “special operation.”

On his way home, Joe Biden again fell on the stairs of Air Force One. He turns 81 this year.

As usual, my colleague here, Streiff, has his regular detailed and informed war update. The latest one is here.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to stir things up ahead of an anticipated 2024 presidential campaign announcement later in the year.

Now comes an intriguing police report on the “suicide” of a former Bill Clinton aide, Mark Middleton. He was found last year on an Arkansas ranch leaning against a tree, dead, an extension cord around his neck tied to a branch and a fatal gunshot wound in the chest.

Trouble is, police found no gun at the site.


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