MOTR, Ep. 44: Joe Biden Vowed to Refill Our Oil Reserves. Change of Plans

You may have noticed these past 24 months that Joe Biden’s reassurances and statements often seem to have an expiration date.

Inflation will be just a blip. We’re going to fix the supply chain problems. The Afghan evacuation will continue until everyone who wants out is out.

Last year he began draining our Strategic Petroleum Reserve by one million barrels every day. That’s a lot of oil. One barrel makes about 44 gallons of petroleum products.

Biden’s professed purpose was to lower soaring prices at the gas pump. The real purpose was to ease voter anger in a midterm election year.

Either way, it didn’t work.

But the man who intentionally killed the nation’s energy independence did manage to lower our oil reserves to their lowest point in 40 years.

That same man, who has vowed and moved to strangle the fossil-fuel industry, said not to worry though. He promised to refill the 180 million barrels of squandered energy savings starting this winter. Obviously, at a much larger cost.

Houston, we have a problem. That’s what I explain here in this week’s audio commentary.

In case you missed it, last week’s audio op-ed was No. 43. It examined the contents and claims of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ inauguration speech.

My RedState colleagues have been diligently chronicling the doings of this Republican’s rising star here and here.

Then, in the column this week I detailed the outlook and timing for the 44-year-old’s future political plans.

Meanwhile, in the Swamp, some ambitious members of the newly-elected GOP majority in the House of Representatives showed how to turn their narrow takeover into a squabbling mess that liberal media were delighted to showcase and demonstrate why that body is called the lower chamber.

It took more chapters than a Harry Potter tome, but Kevin McCarthy, another Californian, became the new Speaker.

Joe “Open Borders” Biden and Jill “Breakfast Tacos” Biden also headed off to yet another summit for elites, this one in Mexico. That country has become the conduit for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants that the president has no intention of doing anything about entering the country.

Word did come, however, that Joe Biden’s enviros are cooking up a plan to ban gas stoves from American homes. They deny it.

From our cold dead hands!


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