MOTR, Ep. 43: Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis Takes the Stage and Sets Another Stage

As I predicted in the latest Sunday column, the big political story of 2023 is the early jockeying by Republican heavyweights Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to position themselves for their party’s 2024 presidential nomination.

Trump’s early campaign has had some self-inflicted stumbles.

DeSantis has not announced his yet, wisely. He has important state business to attend to for the next few months with a GOP legislature controlled by a super-majority, which will only bolster his conservative argument.

However, after his energetic speech at the inauguration for his second term, we now know he will be running.

I took a close read of his concise remarks and spot the tip-offs for his future political plans.

I share those observations in this week’s brief audio commentary here:

As I promised in the audio, here are two links you can use to judge DeSantis’ speech for yourself:

The complete speech text.

The video courtesy of our national treasure, C-SPAN.

The most recent audio commentary was about how you can tell Joe Biden has just uttered another of his chronic lies.

Over the holidays, I also posted on what to me was the shocking revelation that a once highly-respected Virginia high school has been intentionally hiding for years from students the information that they have been named National Merit scholars.

The bureaucratic conspiracy affected hundreds of students and potentially countless college admissions and thousands of dollars in scholarships that the students never knew they were eligible to apply for.

The reason, as you might guess, was quite Woke. The principal didn’t want the feelings of the other students to be hurt because, you see, Equity.

I suggested in the widely-read post that the devious steps to smother their admirable achievements were un-American and grounds for a worthy lawsuit.  Sure enough, Virginia’s attorney general is going after the school’s culprits as my colleague Becca Lower details here.

You’ve probably seen ample coverage of the House GOP’s inability to elect a Speaker with its slim majority and a posse of self-important rebels.

I find such inter-mural power skirmishes in DC consummately boring.

But the media there love this one because a) it’s conflict, b) it makes Republicans look dumb, and c) they can ignore real news elsewhere like Ron DeSantis’ impressive speech in this week’s audio commentary.

Back soon.


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