One More Gone Woke: Girl Scouts Stick With BLM, Will Train to 'Decenter' Whiteness

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Sure, your daughter slings a mean pack of Do-si-dos, but how's her anti-KKK game? The Girls Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) aims to ensure it's badge-worthy.

In case you're unfamiliar, "antiracism" isn't the mere absence of prejudice. Rather, it identifies people as oppressors or victims -- the former category being congenitally Caucasian. UCLA Law Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw puts it this way:


"Antiracism is the active dismantling of systems, privileges, and everyday practices that reinforce and normalize the contemporary dimensions of white dominance. This, of course, also involves a critical understanding of the history of whiteness in America."

Has white dominance infiltrated campcraft mastering, tie-dye shirt-making, first aid training, charitable spaghetti-dinner hosting, and the selling of quality cookies in front of Kroger? Perhaps, but the Girl Scouts are determined to rebuke the rot. Hence, per its webpage on "Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Racial Justice":

Our commitment to antiracism:

Girl Scouts of the USA is working to become an antiracist organization.

Our antiracism pledge reflects who we are: an organization that is rooted in values set forth in our Girl Scout Law, including honesty, fairness, caring, courage, and respect for self and others. All of these are hallmarks of Girl Scouts’ broader commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and racial justice. ... [G]irl Scouts commits to taking action to support Black girls, their families, and their communities.

Said pledge includes the endorsement of an openly Marxist, anti-nuclear family federation:

[W]e know that Black Lives Matter. We commit to doing all we help create the change in our communities that is long overdue. claims "tolerance isn't working" -- it "simply isn't good enough."  What is? The answer might be found in an upcoming series. 


The Daily Wire reports the Scouts are holding a four-part DEI Racial Equity seminar. Courtesy of woke workshop wonder The Equity Paradigm, session titles are as follows:

  • Foundations in Racial Equity (December)
  • Foundations in Internalized Racism (January)
  • Understanding and Decentering White Supremacy Culture (February)
  • Navigating Change, Power and Equitable Decision Making (March)

Whiteness sure seems to have caused a nasty national gnashing of teeth. Thankfully, efforts are at play to give our bicuspids a break:

Education for Little Children Gets Updated: Introducing the 'Antiracist Scientific Method'

State University Launches 'Anti-Black Racism' Minor

Professor Prescribes 'Reregulation' to Help White People Stop Their Racist Violence

Professor: Cancer Researchers Should Show Their Faces to Prove They Aren't White

Professor Reveals List of America's 'Whitest Law Schools,' Proposes an End to Testing to Eliminate 'Excess Whiteness'

Political Science: Academics Attack the 'Whiteness in Introductory Physics'

Mental Health Journal's Article on 'Parasitic Whiteness' Laments There's 'Not Yet a Permanent Cure'

Beyond the Racial Equity workshop, Girl Scouts of the USA offers a plethora of anti-Aryan assistance. Its site empowers parents to de-white their daughters. From "Help Your Kids Take Action Against Racism":

Teach [your daughter] to identify racism. ... 

Young children start to reflect the bias prevalent in their society. In the U.S., that often means a bias toward whiteness. ...

When you read a book or watch TV with your girl, are the characters diverse? If there are Black, Latinx, Native American, or Asian American Pacific Islander characters, how are they portrayed? Are they in a lead role?


Across the country, advocacy abounds. GSUSA's Orange County, California Council's 2020-penned DEI statement not only endorses "the Black Lives Matter organization" but nudges troops to donate cookie proceeds to the company. Additionally, it encourages girls to wear their Scout vests to BLM rallies. Girl Scouts' Eastern Massachusetts branch declares, "Black Lives Matter: We stand in solidarity with protestors... ... [W]e denounce white supremacy..." It also "welcomes nonbinary youth and transgender boys" along with "anyone who identifies as a girl." Furthermore, the chapter hails "Indigenous Peoples" and acknowledges "the traditional, ancestral, and unceded lands of the Pawtucket, Wampanoag, Nauset, and Massachusett peoples." 

The Eastern Pennsylvania faction tells participants to read Ibram X. Kendi's "Antiracist Baby" and something called "1,000 Black Girl Books Resource Guide." GSUSA of West Central Florida stands "in solidarity with transgender girls." And in July, the 56th National Council Session (NCS) of the Girl Scouts saw an approved motion to add "antiracism" to the Preamble of the Girl Scouts Constitution, codifying its defiance of whiteness.

The organization has a good shot at changing the world, given the dozen years it can mold each member. Scouts may be as old as 12th graders (Ambassadors) and as young as kindergarteners (Daisies). In between, girls are classified as Seniors (Grades 9-10); Cadettes (Grades 6-8); Juniors (Grades 4-5); and last but not least, second and third grade Brownies.


If Girl Scouts of the USA ever expands its age range, one thing seems certain: There won't be a division called Whiteys.



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