At Your Cervix: Medical School Confirms Three or More Sexes, Salutes Men 'With Cervices'

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The world is full of people, and some of them have cervixes. In an unrelated story, some people are women. That's the science being dropped at an American medical school.


According to its website, Indiana University (IU) boasts nine campuses, over 930 academic programs, more than 90,000 students, and 770,000+ alumni representing 170 countries. Amid all that education sits the School of Medicine (IUSOM), where freshmen are schooled on the myth that everyone's a man or woman.

Per IUSOM's Sex and Gender Primer obtained by Fox News Digital, students are given "goals":

  1. Reduce gendered language and instead use person-first and/or anatomy-specific language.
  2. If gender or sex is necessary, be cautious of generalizations and/or use an assigned sex/gender phrase.
  3. Engage in self-directed learning to apprise yourself of inclusive language practices as they evolve over time. 

Make no mistake -- science isn't static:

[The Human Structure course] faculty will update local materials to meet Goals 1 & 2.

Doctors no longer bear the singular burden of healing. They're now tasked with affirming patients' self-perception:

Affirmation of Identity

Gender affirmation represents the social processes where individuals receive recognition and support for their gender identity.

Transgenderism is Gospel, and medical experts are evangelists:

  • Inclusive language affirms and validates trans and nonbinary identities.
  • Affirmation across psychological, medical, and social domains is a significant predictor of positive health outcomes and self-esteem.
  • Inclusive sex education significantly reduces depression and suicidality in lesbian, gay, and bisexual adolescents.

Medicine's Old Guard gallingly lingers. "Most textbooks present sex as binary," the training laments. "Sexual, reproductive, and genital system content" is commonly "highly gendered." 

Therefore...patience, please: 

Will take time to update.

For those in the back (capitalized emphasis courtesy of the course material):

Gender AND Sex are NONbinary

  • "Male" and "female" are the typical sex types assigned at birth. 
  • "Man" and "woman" are common gender types.
  • These are oversimplifications and BOTH exist on a continuum.

Indeed -- XX and XY are merely "the two most common chromosomal patterns."

It's previously been observed that intersexuality -- a condition wherein conflicting sex characteristics develop -- is disordered. But as it turns out, the phenomenon is a normal part of our several-sexes system. Up to four percent of the population is intersex, says the school. Any designation of dysfunction should be struck from the medical lexicon:

Differences of Sex Development (DSDs): Genetic Sex Does Not Align with Phenotypic Sex

Also known as intersex disorders, intersex differences, and disorders of sex development.

Given our unprecedented sexual enlightenment, IUSOM asks, "How can you, as future healthcare professionals, be inclusive of sexual and gender-diverse patients?" With respect to inclusiveness at large, it's a query myriad American elements are attempting to answer:

Physics Internship Bans Men Who Don't 'Present' as Women


Harvard Trains Medical Students to Treat Transgender 'Infants'

Transgender Guidance Agency Endorses Castration, Promotes 'Eunuchs'

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Knitting Group Offers Plush Prosthetic Penises Transgender Children Can Wear in Their Panties

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Speaking of, revolution requires time to work out the kinks:

Incontinent Ex-Trans Man Sues Over Penis Removal, Predicts an 'Avalanche' of Court Cases

A Woman Undergoes Surgery to Have a Penis Added, but Doctors Remove Her Vagina — Which She Wanted to Keep

Back to the Indiana University School of Medicine, you may know that "gender" is a social construct. But the same is true of biology -- sex, freshman training trumpets, is only a "mostly biological construct." The West constructed something corrosive; thankfully, other Earthly areas weren't so stupid:

(Only) some societies established binarized sex male/female even though not everyone fits into those categories. 

Our society is finally catching up to the keener ones. Hence, doctors should never refer to "women." The Sex and Gender Primer provides a proper way to prescribe testing:

"People with cervices need to undergo yearly cervical screening."

It's our new normal:


As for the Primer's promise that language practices will evolve and be updated, who will determine the revision? The School of Medicine makes that clear:

Linguistic practices are open to change as LGBTQIA+ advocates refine their perspectives on language.

Not long ago, science was seen in microscopes. These days, it's reaped from rallies. What's next? Only the most progressive protestors know for sure. In the meantime, be sure to screen your cervix -- whether you're a woman, a man, or a sex smarter societies have always affirmed. 

Thank goodness we're getting smarter.


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