Professor Reveals List of America's 'Whitest Law Schools,' Proposes an End to Testing to Eliminate 'Excess Whiteness'

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If you’ve been eyeing law school, perhaps you wondered which ones are the whitest.

If so, a teacher at the University of Dayton’s got you covered.

She’s crafted a report ranking said schools according to the percentage of white first-year students.


But the list isn’t only to help you make an informed choice; she wants to encourage colleges to put the kibosh on whiteness overload.

As relayed by Discovery Institute Director Christopher F. Rufo, during a March 4th virtual event, Professor Emeritus Vernellia R. Randall unveiled her “2021 The Whitest Law School Report.”

Vernellia’s rundown schools the curious and/or concerned on the Casper-like condition of our colleges and how badly it needs to be exorcised.

The purported goal: improved racial representation.

Director Christopher posted slides from the online shindig to Twitter.

Enjoy a spreadsheet below.

And just so you know: “The higher the score, the lower the rank the Whiter the school, the more total whiteness or excess whiteness.”


Via video, Vernellia’s hoses the holdouts:

“In the last 17 years, only a small number of law schools (10) did not increase in Total Whiteness. If we have schools that can get to zero excess whiteness then the question for the rest of those are: Why can’t you?”

The Daily Caller deals details:

The report looks at white first-year enrollment among students, and does not include white faculty or staff.

While showing a list of schools that Randall determined had reached “no excess whiteness,” she said the findings were “encouraging to me.”

“Twenty-two out of 200 schools had no excess whiteness speaks to the issue that this is not an unreasonable expectation,” she said.

As for schools curtailing their Caucasian quotient, Thomas Jefferson led the pack — it scored a -41.

On the other side of progress, the University of District Columbia paled to the tune of 15.5 points.

“In the past 15 years,” Christopher tweets, “94% of law schools decreased their ‘total whiteness.’”

How can more colleges copy Thomas Jefferson? Vernellia has an idea.

More from the Caller:

“I think we need to stop using standardized tests in the admissions process,” Randall said in the presentation. “I think that there may be a valid reason to use the standardized testing in helping to plan an effective program for a particular student, but I think the admissions process is where it should not be used.”

Randall then says she is aware her LSAT scores were not sufficient for the schools she applied to, although she had multiple masters degrees and years of experience in education.

“I am cognizant of the fact that I could not get admitted to most schools I applied for,” she said.


Vernellia’s not alone in her ‘tude toward tests.

As I covered March 5th, the associate dean of Arizona State University’s penned a 358-page book on nixing meritocratic grading in the fight against white supremacy.

Back to Vernellia, on her website — — she makes clear that it isn’t just about whacking whiteness:

[T]he lack of excess whiteness does not mean the school is diverse in its racial representation. This report does not answer the question of whether Black Americans, Native Americans, Latinx Americans, Asian Americans or Pacific Island Americans are equitably represented.

We’ve got a whole lot of work to do.

See the report — which was released for the first time in 2004 — here.




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