Biological Male Runs Away From Home at 21, Ends up Miss San Francisco and Maybe Miss California

Who will be crowned the next Miss California? Possibly a participant who was born a budding mister.

Monroe Lace will stalk the stage during next month’s competition, and if Lace locks it in, history-heralding headlines will ensue: The 25-year-old preener is a prostate-possessing person.


Victory will punctuate quite a trek for the transgender aspirant; Monroe recently recalled a rough time to CBS News. As a drinking-age adult, the future fabulous female transitioned to a runaway:

It wasn’t that long ago that Monroe wasn’t sure if her own story would have a happy ending.

“Four years ago, I ran away from home. In the middle of the night, I packed everything in a single suitcase. Because I’d rather be loved and homeless than in a home that didn’t love me,” she said.

Monroe has lived in a single-room-occupancy hotel…for the past four years. That’s the longest of any tenant currently in the building. She’s seen the ugliest sides of [San Francisco] first-hand.

But gorgeousness has been glimpsed as well, amid participation in March’s Miss San Francisco contest. Lace put one leg in front of the other and hip-swiveled before an adoring crowd. That ballsy move paid off — the beauty bagged the title.

Monroe is the first transgender woman in the Miss San Francisco pageant’s 99-year history.


As part of official Miss San Fran duties, per CBS, Monroe “visits a different elementary school in the city almost every day.”

The erstwhile-manly monarch may be making modern-woman waves on the West Coast, but beauty pageants have already seen their share of cutting-edge chromosomes. Contemporarily, “Y” stands for “Yes, you may enter.” In a bevy of ways, biological males have made great strides in accessing formerly female spaces:


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Miss America Organization Crowns Its First Biologically Male Queen

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Despite Monroe’s restorative status as Miss San Francisco, the beauty queen remains mangled by meanness:

“I’ve gotten death threats. I’ve gotten mean comments about my appearance or the way that I look.”


“Even though there are hateful comments…I also know…there is a trans kid out there or a victim out there who is reading that story as well.”

Monroe is indeed an inspiration. Speaking of stories, CBS reports on the queen reading a book to children at Tenderloin Community School. The work’s title: Sparkle Boy. One fourth grader was especially touched by the twinkle:

[I]n the eyes [of] 4th grader Camila Soberanis, [Monroe has] already won (Miss California).

“It was beautiful, ’cause I didn’t care if she was a boy or a girl. It was just like…normal,” said Soberanis.


Camila is correct — all the above is America’s new normal.

Will Monroe mop the floor with the other Miss California contestants? We’ll all find out July 1st.



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