Transgender Guidance Agency Endorses Castration, Promotes 'Eunuchs'

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Gender identity is all the rage, and a new one’s in store. Curiously, it’s also an old one.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health is considered the gold standard for recommendations regarding gender-identity surgery and drugs. And in its newly-released Standards of Care for the Health of Transgender and Gender Diverse People, Version 8, WPATH brings back a biblical body.


As noted by the ninth chapter, one streamlined sexual sort is shamefully stuck in the shadows:

Chapter 9 Eunuchs

Among the many people who benefit from gender-affirming medical care, those who identify as eunuchs are among the least visible. The eighth version of the Standards of Care (SOC) includes a discussion of eunuch individuals because of their unique presentation and their need for medically necessary gender-affirming care.

It’s a lifestyle choice:

Eunuch individuals are those assigned male at birth (AMAB) and wish to eliminate masculine physical features, masculine genitals, or genital functioning. They also include those whose testicles have been surgically removed or rendered nonfunctional by chemical or physical means and who identify as eunuch.

Illinois-based WPATH endorses castration:

As with other gender diverse individuals, eunuchs may also seek castration to better align their bodies with their gender identity. As such, eunuch individuals are gender nonconforming individuals who have needs requiring medically necessary gender-affirming care.

The Association observes that eunuchs have a 4,000-year history yet face the same “social stigma that affects all gender and sexual minorities.”

Many never “come out”:

[F]ew eunuch individuals come out publicly as eunuch and many will tell no one and will share only with like-minded people in an online community or are known as such only to close family and friends.


And they’re victims of stereotyping:

The stereotypes of eunuchs are often highly negative, and eunuchs may suffer the same minority stress as other stigmatized groups. Research into minority stress affecting gender diverse people should therefore include eunuchs.

The world is changing at breakneck speed. Not long ago, there were boys and girls. Now we have boys, and girls, and cake, and birds:

And there’s no sign of stopping. As I covered last week, WPATH’s new guidelines also remove hard age minimums for chemical intervention and sexual surgeries.

From my article:

As the ages at which children are given irreversible drugs and operations have gradually lowered, what’s determined the changes? There doesn’t appear to be any clinical “science,” per se. And it would seem we’re simply on course for there to be no minimums applied whatsoever — as new ideas are accepted by the culture.

Back to eunuchism, will America see a rise in such over the next five years? There seems little reason to doubt it. After all — if “nonbinary” identity continues to increase in popularity, and if young people are told their bodies can and should match their self-perception…physical alterations to erase masculinity will surely trend. As a bonus, it terminates toxic masculinity.


And if you think such operations aren’t actually on the table, think again:



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