University Club Claims 'Men Can’t Be Women,' School Sentences Them to an LGBT Re-Education Class

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A school has decided a school club must be schooled.

In a short time and in multiple ways, the world has turned 180 degrees. Not long ago, people on vacation took pictures of what they saw; now they photograph how they themselves look from the POV of the scenery. Presently, people want to "be seen;" an older mantra was "Stop looking at me!" Kids were once taught, "Never get in a car with a stranger;" now we travel by Uber. And school science books erstwhile informed us that binary sex was immutable. 


Apropos of evolved enlightenment, in March, Long Island University's (LIU) American Club found itself in hot water. In honor of International Women's Day, the group -- comprised of Turning Point USA, Young America’s Foundation, Young Americans for Liberty, and Students for Life -- posted a collection of commemorations on Instagram.

Here are quotes from four entries, with reference to LIU student organization Freedom Fighters:

  • “On International Women’s Day, the ‘LIU Freedom Fighters’ Honors Men.”
  • “On International Women’s Day, we honor real womanhood.”
  • “Men can’t be women, women can’t be men. How many times must it be said?”
  • (As part of a meme) “When men pretending to be women celebrate International Women’s Day.”
  • “‘You are either a man or a woman. You do not get to switch from one category to another.’ — Matt Walsh”

Respondently, Freedom Fighters issued an open letter of complaint to LIU admin:

[T]he…American Club posted a series of transphobic stories… … [T]his behavior…is…disgusting.

[I]t goes against the Student Code of Conduct. The LIU Ethos Statement reads:

“The LIU Student Code of Conduct is founded on the principles of respect for oneself, respect for others, respect for property, respect for authority, and honesty.”

While laws and regulation complicate the school’s ability to bar the club from campus, there is no question that the principle of “respect for others” has been violated.


Line, thou hast been traversed...

The line that separates opinion from hate speech has been crossed, and as a school that claims to prioritize [Diversity, Equity and Inclusion], this is a critical inflection point.

The letter demanded LIU punish the American Club, AKA “[denounce] transphobia and [enforce] DEI." Otherwise, the school would “force...transgender, nonbinary, and all LGBTQIA+ students to fend for themselves in a hostile environment.”

On March 13th, the American Club was notified it had been suspended. And as of this month, a sentence has been passed down. Campus Reform reports:

All American Club executive officers and 50 percent of the American club membership roster are required to attend and participate in a LGBTQIA+ training session hosted by [an employee of good citizenship initiative LIU Promise] before January 1, 2024.

Contemporarily, disagreement has been deemed "harm" -- if it's disagreement with a particular side of a disagreement. Opinions must be kept in line so as not to become wrongly opinionated:

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Student Paper Will Promote Diversity by Preventing It as Free Speech Is Swapped for 'Safety'


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Host of School's Free Speech Event Issues Language Guide Prohibiting 'Man,' 'Woman,' and 'Mother'

Christian Speaker Gets Canceled by Christian College for Teaching Christian Students Christian Ideas

Legal Journal Publishes Plea for Hate Speech Laws Protecting Animals

In addition to attendance of the re-education class, the American Club is being forced to "submit a diversity, equity, and inclusion action plan" -- one that "aligns with both the University’s co-curricular learning outcomes and the mission of the American Club.” Evidently, said diversity mustn't include any diversity on whether men can be women. 

The non-diverse diversity is due September 1st.

Per Campus Reform, the American Club plans to fight the school -- kind of. As stated by club member Matthew Cairo, "We do not agree with such plans, but we tried to draft our statements in a way that doesn’t compromise on our values." 

Values -- like many other things in 2023 -- are notably different than in yesteryear.



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