'How Dare You': Obstetrician Is Aghast at the Claim That Men Can't Give Birth

Until mere moments ago, men didn’t dream of having babies. But thanks to astonishing advancement, guys are now living the impossible dream.

Our forward leap has been hailed by a TikToker, via a June response to a video stuck in the cisgender Stone Age.


In a clip shared this week by Twitter account Libs of TikTok, a girl in her car knocks the notion of knocked-up folx known as fellas. Here’s how she puts it:

“I assist women in labor. And the things that they are doing are uniquely feminine.”

Following that remark, a woman appears in a separate snippet to manhandle misinformation:

“So first off, as a doula, your job is to support the person giving birth. If all of the patients that you have are women, then it’s totally fine for you to call them ‘women.’ However, every patient who has a baby is not a woman.”

She should know — she’s a doctor. And not just that; she operates in the realm of reproduction.

“As an OB-GYN, I care for many patients who are trans men or nonbinary people who have babies.”

Wearing a white coat stitched with “Danielle Jones, MD,” she schools her audience on inclusive language — AKA language which excludes the idea that fertilization is only for females. She also employs the contemporary practice of appending an inexplicable “s” to an unfit word:

“The point of inclusive language is not to misgender someone who is a woman or is a mother. It’s to appropriately include — especially in educations on large platforms like TikTok — anyone who might need the information.”


To Dr. Danielle, June doesn’t allow for dissent — at least in the area of gestational Joes:

“So how dare you, during Pride Month, come on this app — which is very inclusive of LGBTQ+ communities — and say that nobody who gives birth can be a man or a nonbinary person.”

Contemporary inclusivity seems increasingly complicated; there’s a growing list of all it excludes. “LGBTQ+,” according to some, can’t rightfully include Ts alongside LGBs. The American Family Association offers a rundown of the reasoning:

If transgenderism is a thing, it eliminates homosexuality. This is for the simple reason that “same-sex attraction” is an empty construct without a clear distinction between the sexes. Transgenders…now denounce lesbians as bigots because they don’t want to date men who identify as women. The self-righteous Ts denounce the LGBs as transphobic haters.

Alternately, in the words of pro-LGB tweets:

  • #LGBDropTheT. Men are men. Women are women.
  • The T hitched a ride a few years back, invited itself for dinner, and is trying to make out that it always lived here. It didn’t. Pride marches, protests, and LGB rights happened WITHOUT the T. I remember — I was there. I also remember the T wasn’t. #LGBDropTheT
  • #LGBDropTheT. We didn’t sign on for this s***.

Despite a bit of backlash, the Ts look to be mopping the floor with the LGBs:

Professor Offers a Summer Writing Program — but Not if You’re White, and Only if You ‘Honor’ Trans People

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Features Its First Transgender Model, Who ‘Embodies the Well-Rounded Woman’

University of California Pays for Female Students to Have Penises Made From Their Arms

Report: Naked 80-Year-Old Protests a Biological Male in Her YMCA Shower, Gets Banned for Bigotry

Hospitals Are Starting to Ask Men if They’re Pregnant

Harvard Trains Medical Students to Treat Transgender ‘Infants’

University Schools Midwifery Students on the Handling of the Birthing Penis

Back to Dr. Danielle, she’s created other online content advocating for expectant men — see ObGyn: Is Science Anti-Transgender?

Her website — MamaDoctorJones — sells shirts and mugs sporting the following slogans:

  • Science is inclusive. Are you?
  • Check your sources.
  • Vaccinated because science.

Additionally, from the “How dare you” doctor:

  • You don’t get to be offended by science.

Amid her aforementioned excoriation of the premise that pregnancy gets only gals, Mama Doctor lays down the law on labeling. As it turns out, not everyone is afforded the right to decide what they say:


“Just because you don’t care for these people or you don’t want to care for these people, does not mean that they don’t exist. And you don’t get to choose what they are called. They do. Do better.”

“Do better” is always good advice. Meanwhile, according to an internet doctor as well as an evolving medical establishment, men will be conceiving children and squeezing them out of their boyish birth canals.



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