Totally Naked Woman Streaks Down a California Freeway While Shooting at Cars

California is a sightseer’s dream — it boasts a bevy of beach cities, prominent parks, Hollywood history, and naked women running on the roads. But don’t be seduced by pornographically-primed pedestrians — toward lusting laps, they’re busting caps. At least, that was the critical case Tuesday.


Viral video from July 26th shows a completely nude lady journeying sans car at San Francisco’s Bay Bridge. She walks, jogs, and changes lanes barefoot — as traffic-weary travelers take in yet another view of an exhaust pipe.

Oh — and she’s pointing a pistol.

As relayed by MSN, “[S]he…began firing the gun at other cars stuck in the bridge traffic.”

No one took a bullet, though she had all the makings of a crack shot. And she didn’t cause a rash of wrecks; rear-end collisions were avoided.

According to California Highway Patrol, reports of an armed and reckless driver began around 4:30 p.m. An erratic white Chevy Cobalt was heading toward the bridge’s toll plaza.

More from

At one point, the woman…got out of the car on the highway with a knife. [She] was reportedly yelling at cars and waving her blade at them. She then got back into the…Cobalt and [drove] towards the toll plaza. The highway became a parking lot when [she] stopped her car again…this time…wearing nothing but her skin. The naked woman…had traded in her knife for a gun. She began firing the gun into the air.

Cops caught and arrested her after she dropped the hand cannon.

Per the Los Angeles Times, drivers continued to pay a price for the crotchety lady’s cavorting:


The unidentified woman was taken to a local hospital for a medical and psychiatric evaluation.

The incident forced the closure of parts of the freeway for nearly an hour and a half until all lanes were reopened at 6:04 p.m.


It’s not the first time a streaking birthing person has livened up lined California pavement. For another of many instances, see RedState Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar’s “Woman Runs Naked Down Streets of Downtown LA — With a Dead Rat in Her Mouth.”

Mental illness seems a growing West Coast scourge. Incredibly, it resulted in another Bay Bridge closure earlier this month. Not coincidentally, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has devoted himself for years to the issue of homelessness. CNN hails his staggering success:

California has spent a stunning $17.5 billion trying to combat homelessness over just four years. But, in the same time frame, from 2018 to 2022, the state’s homeless population actually grew. Half of all Americans living outside on the streets, federal data shows, live in California.

Relatedly, the pistol-packing Bay Bridge Nudist isn’t the only exposed San Franciscan with one in the chamber:


As for eccentric individuals bothering people on bridges, it’s nothing new:

Theater of the Absurd as Dreamers and Activist Shut Down the Golden Gate Bridge

Abortion Activist Retreats to the Top of a Now-Closed Bridge to Reroute the Nation’s Future

‘Cause it’s the Best Way to Convince People: Ahead of the Dem Debate, Climate Change Radicals Suspend Themselves from a Bridge

From that last piece:

Ahead of [Houston’s] impending Democratic presidential primary, about a dozen (climate) activists suspended themselves from the Fred Hartman Bridge in order to fight the use of fossil fuels.

As a further means of really sockin’ it to modernity, the difference-making dingleberries held yellow and red flags.

[M]aybe the Bridge Brigade will start the revolution.

Check…out…the video… And though they aren’t nude, enjoy the drooping nuts.

Back to San Fran’s Naked Gun, a couple components of the incident went mercifully well. Danger is more handily averted when it’s easily observed. Luckily, the bare-butted weapon-wielder made obvious the fact that she was armed; she didn’t attempt concealed carry via her natural use of a holester.

Also, motorists could’ve lost control of their vehicles and wrecked ’em. Thankfully, the “wrecked ’em” quotient remained single-digit low.


Still, the topless troublemaker was an unwelcome addition to America’s driving difficulties. Surely most people would agree there were already too many boobs on the road.



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Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article erroneously referred to the date of the incident as June 26th rather than July 26th. We apologize to our readers for this error. 


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