Drag Queen's Shame-Slaying Song Tops the iTunes Christian Charts

Last week, the world of Christian music was crowned a new king — or, more accurately, queen. And the coronation was certainly one for the books.

We’re living in an era of sexual revolution. And unlike in the 60s, our radical change is a migration from the idea of sex altogether. These days, the sexiest thing is “gender” — including the concept as it’s played onstage.


Relatedly, introducing drag queen Flamy Grant (real name Matthew Blake). From Her Highness’s official website:

[F]lamy Grant is a gospel & roots musician from the Bible Belt who will move you, soothe you, help you heal some trauma and always leave you laughing.

Flamy’s 2022 debut record Bible Belt Baby is the world’s first full-length contemporary Christian album by a drag performer — and a 2023 San Diego Music Award nominee for Best Pop Album.

[F]lamy will convince you that:

  • Nothing is sacred (but everything is holy).
  • Shame belongs in the closet.
  • You are a brilliant, resilient badass ready to take on the world.

Flamy is no newcomer to the Christian scene. As real-world man Matthew, the musician reportedly served as a worship leader for 22 years.

On July 23rd, Flamy appeared with Derek Webb — “exvangelical” and former lead singer of 90s award-winning Christian rock band Caedmon’s Call — at his Nashville release party/concert for solo album The Jesus Hypothesis. The project includes tune titles such as “Some Gods Deserve Atheists” and “God in Drag.”

Also featured: a collaboration with Flamy, “Boys Will Be Girls.” The ditty’s gist:

[T]he greatest revenge is a life well-lived
So the loudest ‘f*** you’ and greatest gift that you could ever give
They are one and the same

I heard Jesus loved and spent his life with those who
Were abandoned by proud and fearful men
So if a church won’t celebrate and love you
They’re believing lies that can’t save you or them


[Language Warning]:


On Wednesday, Tiffany Arbuckle — AKA Christian act Plumb — posted a photo in praise of Derek’s show. In the frame: Tiffany, Derek, Flamy, and once-Christian Contemporary Music singer (now out-and-proud lesbian) Jennifer Knapp.

In response to Tiffany’s touting, worship music artist (and erstwhile GOP congressional candidate) Sean Feucht tweeted condemnation:

If you’re wondering (about) the end goal of the deconstruction movement in the church…look no further than…@derekwebb’s new collab with a drag queen. These are truly the last days.

That prompted Flamy to lead 77,000 TikTok followers in a song-support uprising. The campaign catapulted the drag queen’s Bible Belt track “Good Day” to unprecedented heights.

From MSN Monday:

Last week, the drag performer/contemporary Christian musician Flamy Grant took the No. 1 position on iTunes’ Christian music charts in the Top Songs and Top Albums categories.

[Sean Feucht’s] message was met with a backlash on social media by people who indicated they would offer their full support to Grant. By the end of the week, Grant’s debut album, Bible Belt Baby, which was originally released in October 2022, was iTunes’ top Christian album.

“I love that what started as a degrading tweet from a conservative worship leader has turned into a way for queer people to see themselves represented in Christian music,” Grant told Newsweek.


The meteoric rise to #1 may be a fluke, but American religion is trending toward a more solidly open-armed situation. Faith and modern sexual sensibilities are joining hands:

Iconic Christian University Asks Students to Pick From Nine Gender Identities

Christian University Has Professors State Their Pronouns, Calls Transgenderism ‘Fundamental’ to Its Mission

Christian Church Will Host Drag Show for Youth Ages 12-18

It’s Official: Transgender Bishop Will Oversee Nearly 200 Congregations

Lutheran Diocese Announces That the Church Itself Is Trans

Christian Church Leads Prayer to the ‘God of Pronouns,’ the ‘Great They/Them’ Who Breastfeeds

Christian Divinity School Recites Prayer to the ‘Great Queer One,’ Who’s a ‘Drag Queen and Trans Man’

Church Pastor Claims Jesus ‘Transgenders Himself’ in the Bible

As for Flamy’s “Good Day,” it is — as the entertainer’s site says — “shame-slaying.” A lyrical excerpt:

[Y]ou’re not the keeper of the pearly gate

[I]’m coming back to fight for my place

God made me good in every way


It’s a very different Christian message than the old one. Contemporarily, you’re good in every way — as churches across the country aim praise toward the created that was once reserved for the Creator. The result is a worship experience our culture can more easily embrace.

The ovation will likely be long — society’s journey into self-applause seems far from done. So we continue, boys being girls and “good days” slaying shame.


Have we seen the last drag queen-crafted Christian chart-topper? All signs point to a megachurch-sized “No.”



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