Theater of the Absurd as Dreamers and Activist Shut Down the Golden Gate Bridge

(Justin Borja via AP)

Two weeks ago, the Senate parliamentarian tanked the efforts of progressive Democrats to stuff the path to citizenship for Dreamers into the embattled 3.5 trillion infrastructure reconciliation package.


Having learned from the best, the Dreamers and their allied factions decided to enact some political theater to force legislative action.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

As morning broke over San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge Thursday, traffic was brought to a halt as dozens of undocumented mothers, students and their allies risked arrest to engage in civil disobedience.

Just before 7 a.m., protesters exited their cars, carrying banners, and chanting, calling on Congress to provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

So much for that 20 minutes. They caused a backup that lasted an hour.

Traffic piled up on the bridge’s northbound lanes as protesters decried the Democrats’ lack of action to pass meaningful immigration reform, stopping morning commuters for about an hour.

“We are escalating our actions and our undocumented families are risking arrest and possibly deportation to send the message we can no longer wait,” said DACA recipient, Luis Angel Reyes Savalza, himself an undocumented immigrant.

Spirits were high among the few dozen who stopped morning bridge commuters, despite potentially harrowing consequences if any were arrested.


I bet if you scratch the surface of these “undocumented mothers, students and their allies,” you’ll find a lot of SEIU members or their fellow astroturf organizations like the National Domestic Workers Alliance, and Gig Workers Rising.

This has little to do with forcing Democrat action, and more to do with making a spectacle of themselves. The San Francisco Bay area is overwhelmingly progressive. The majority voted “NO” in order to save Governor Gavin Newsom from recall. They consistently support progressive policies such as illegal immigration and Dreamer initiatives to gain citizenship. These people are content to step over drug-addicted homeless, and feces and needles in the street that are the result of those progressive policies, and they come back for more.

So, essentially, this protest to “awaken” people was wasted on those who are already woke and support their cause.

Hat tip to Bicoastal Baby, who alerted me to this Kabuki theater.

So, what was really accomplished? As Bicoastal Baby so wisely assessed, disenfranchising the very people these progressive activists claim to champion. Who, pray tell, was actually on that bridge? Probably a working single mother who is trying to get her child to daycare so she can get to work. Or that childcare worker who is also trying to get to work and will probably be docked for being late. Maybe a cancer patient trying to get to their chemo appointment. Or perhaps the maid, valet, janitor or other “essential” workers who are now late for their shift, and their entire day is ruined. Worse yet, maybe the Starbucks barista—Oh, the horror!


All of these types of people, all trapped on the Golden Gate Bridge by progressives who needed to make a point to an audience that already pretends to care.

Bravo, you.

What they also accomplished was to piss these same people off, and tank any support or goodwill they might have engendered. While the San Francisco elites who could probably do more about their plight than Congress sip their espresso from the comfort of their penthouses and estates, and watch the chaos, wondering whether their gardener or maid is on the bridge.


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