'Cause it's the Best Way to Convince People: Ahead of the Dem Debate, Climate Change Radicals Suspend Themselves from a Bridge



I have a crazy concept for activists: When you do something really bizarre to get attention, it doesn’t help your cause.

It spreads a message alright, just not the one you intended.


Your new message is:

“We are all suffering from mental illness. Please, dear Lord, somebody — anybody — help us.”


How To Save The Planet: During Brexit Debate, Climate Activists Glue Themselves To Parliament. Naked.

NUT: Left-Winger Fights Brexit By Stripping Naked On Live TV & Challenging Politician To Nude Debate

In An Effort To Force Congress To Save The Earth, Radicals Superglue Themselves To Walls In Washington. Yeah — That’ll Do It

See a pattern?

Pro tip: Any activism that involves glue or orifices to the south of the mouth is a FAIL (but congrats to Parliament’s anti-Brexiters for managing to combine the two — touché).

In Houston, this week’s radicals did manage to avoid adhesive and genitals, but there was still something dangling: Their whole bodies.

Those convinced the best way to sell the world on saving itself is to hang from a bridge — because that’s the oldest trick in the book when it comes to winning an argument — got busy changing everyone’s minds Thursday.

Ahead of the city’s impending Democratic presidential primary, about a dozen activists suspended themselves from the Fred Hartman Bridge in order to fight the use of fossil fuels.

As a further means of really sockin’ it to modernity, the difference-making dingleberries held yellow and red flags.


They should’ve gone with yellow and blue — those two colors make green.

Or…what’s the official flag for insanity?

Interesting choice to hang from a bridge: If the most extreme among us were to get their way, it wouldn’t be needed. People would cross the waters in row boats.

That’s not likely to happen, though — as noted by RedState’s Bonchie, CNN’s recent climate change town hall tanked:

CNN subjected television viewers to the torturous exercise of listening to 2020 Democrat candidates riff on climate change for seven straight hours. We got all kinds of craziness, from Bernie promoting taxpayer funded abortions to cull the population and reduce emissions to Buttigieg lecturing on the morality of eating hamburgers. If you want the government to control every aspect of your life, these people are your ticket.

The question is, how many people were actually watching? If you guessed that Fox News, with just their regular lineup, would nearly triple CNN’s viewership, congrats.

But maybe the Bridge Brigade will start the revolution.


Check it out in the video above. And though they aren’t nude, enjoy the drooping nuts.



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