Hospitals Are Starting to Ask Men if They're Pregnant

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Before receiving treatment for testicular cancer, might you be asked if you’re expecting?

To hear the Daily Mail tell it, we might be headed that way (though I hope you don’t develop cancer).


The West’s entire perspective on sex, as you surely know, has been recently upended.

New enlightenment informs us that men can be women and women men, and either can be nothing at all

Hence, the medical industry will have to figure things out.

As part of that problem-solving process, Liverpool’s Walton Centre NHS Trust hospital is now asking “‘all patients under the age of 60, regardless of how you may identify your gender’ whether they could be having a baby.”

For various procedures, the word “individual” is taking the place of “female.”

[Walton Centre] is understood to be one of a handful of trusts to have expanded the questioning despite it not being a national policy at NHS England.

If the wrong patient’s targeted for sack-scanning, the question could serve as a lifesaver:

The dangers that radiotherapy, diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine pose to an unborn child mean medics must find out whether a patient is pregnant before carrying out the procedures.

The UK’s Department of Health updated regulations in 2017 in the name of inclusivity — “females of childbearing age” was replaced by “individuals of childbearing potential.”

Such a change is spreading all over the anatomy. As I covered last year, the prenatal units at Sussex and Brighton University Hospitals NHS Trust put the kibosh on “breast milk.”



  • “breast/chest milk”
  • “human milk”
  • “milk from the feeding mother or parent”

In February of 2021, the medical duo launched Britain’s “first clinical and language guidelines supporting trans and nonbinary birthing people.”

Back to breasts, they’ve even been racked away by an academy:

In matters of maternity, our portrait of good health has substantially evolved:

As noted by the Mail, not everyone’s onboard:

Campaigners warned yesterday that it was the beginning of a ‘clinically dangerous’ move to record only gender, and not sex, on medical records.

And they said that those born male cannot conceive.

Patients and their families have also complained of ‘unnecessary confusion and agitation’ for vulnerable patients.



The Society of Radiographers last November advised medics it was ‘important to check with all patients for any possibility of pregnancy’.


A spokesman for the Walton trust told the Daily Telegraph that its policy ‘adheres to national legislation, as certain amounts of radiation can be harmful to foetuses in utero’.

It may be quite a bit more complex, but in the event of your future fictional testicular testing, in the name of progress, sometimes that’s how the ball bounces.



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