University Launches Gay Summer Camp for 11-Year-Olds, Will School Them on 'Health Topics'

Did you go to camp when you were a kid? Camp still exists, but the sorts of adventures being served to children have substantially changed.

Consider a summer escape compliments of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Thanks to the college’s social consciousness, middle schoolers will enjoy an outing centered around what kind of sex they’d like to have. Supplementally, the endeavor will support sixth-through-eighth graders’ embrace of a “gender” contrary to their sex.


From UW-Green Bay’s Campus and Youth Programs webpage:

Pride camps are designed for students to socialize and learn with friends, gaining a deeper understanding of queer history, health topics and wellness. Students will also enjoy traditional camp activities, including arts and crafts, and playing games. To determine if you are a fit for Pride camp, please complete our survey.

Eleven-year-olds, click your heels — you’re going somewhere over the rainbow:

Middle School Pride Green Bay

Youth entering grades six through eight are invited to come socialize with friends, building community with other LGBTQ+ and allies your age. Lunch and some snacks will be provided each day. … Space is limited – so register early. Email [email protected] with any questions.

Sex, like depression, has long been an arena generally reserved for adults. But institutions have decided it’s time for change, and they’re peppering progress with our all-new idea of “gender identity”:

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The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay isn’t the only secondary-education entity beckoning youngsters to soak in a sexual summer spectacular. Indiana’s 1854-established University of Evansville extends the following invitation:

Pride Camp

Empowering queer/questioning youth and allies to discover their authentic selves and build a caring, supportive community of peers.

Spend a week living on campus at the University of Evansville for this first-of-its-kind summer camp! Build lifelong friends with incredible activities throughout the week while learning about social justice and activism. Hear powerful stories of LGBTQ+ history and heroes…

Uncover the value and power in your identity and celebrate it at the end of the week in the inaugural Pride Camp showcase!

Included among “sessions/activities”:

  • Telling your own story
  • Biology of sex and gender: What is it? What is it not?
  • Future of LGBTQ+ concerns in politics.
  • Exploration of LGBTQ+ topics in various fields of study.
  • A reflection room
  • Outdoor games and activities

Camp-counselor guests will include creative writing UE professors and Pastor Craig Duke. For a bit of background, see “Pastor Loses His Job After Performing in Drag on HBO’s ‘We’re Here.’

Back to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, the school is especially trying to rope-in newcomers. From its camp application survey:

This camp is designed primarily for first-time campers who want to learn and interact with others. We will craft, have presentations, and go outside and have fun! With this in mind, can you tell us why you or your camper is excited to attend Pride Camp?

The same is emphasized on the Campus and Youth Programs page:

First-time Pride camp registrants will be given priority over returning camp registrants.

The three-day festive foray will run parents $225 per cutting-edge kid.

Not long ago, education focused on academics and life preparation. These days, it appears to have added sex preparation — and not just for those in college. It’s a new day, in a new America.




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