Pride Month Panties: Target Launches Chest Binders and 'Packing Underwear'

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For a long time in the world, women’s undergarments served to cinch and boost in radically constrictive ways. Eventually, we (mostly) moved past that.

But now we’re back. Whereas underwear has contemporarily been sold based on claims of comfort, the West’s gender identity revolution brings throwback throbbing — and not just for birthing people.


Right on time for Pride Month (June), Target will be hawking harnesses to hide breasts and another “b” word I probably shouldn’t spell out.

Scrotums and sweater puppies? You’re being kenneled.

Penises and mammaries? You’ll soon be memories.

As reported by Bustle, America’s tenth largest retailer is releasing products by “two queer-owned, female-founded brands” that bind upper-body bumps and pack pelvic protrusions:

The TomboyX collab features undergarments like compression tops — a comfortable alternative to chest binders — as well as packing underwear, bras, and boyshorts in size S-4X. Humankind’s line, on the other hand, includes various swimsuit styles such as swim trunks, tops, and unisuits. As binders and gender-affirming swimsuits are notoriously difficult to find (particularly in extended sizes), this accessible drop will make shopping for everyday garments much easier.

Courtesy of pro-LGBT businesses across the board, America will soon be sacked by a swell of support. But it should all be done the right way:

June is only weeks away, which means corporate windows across the country will soon be rainbow-washed with the vibrant colors of Pride month. But, as we know, creating quality Pride merch isn’t simply slapping a technicolor flag on a $10 T-shirt and calling it a day. Queer talent must be employed behind the scenes (not just within the promotional content), funds must be donated to LGBTQ+ charities, and brands toting inclusion and acceptance must practice this within their company culture year-round.


Target’s on target:

Target’s latest collaborations hit the mark. The superstore, known for their quick-to-sell fashion collabs, has released two new collaborations ahead of Pride month, launching accessible, gender-affirming products for everybody and every body.

Bustle interviews Mila Myles, “a Black, queer nonbinary writer and stand-up comedian who modeled in the TomboyX collaboration photos with partner Yasmin Almo.”

As it turns out, the fashion photoshoot was all about feelings:

“It was the first time that I was welcomed and empowered to make other people feel empowered,” Mila said. And on set, “no one was a prop. We were all [there for] an opportunity to feel seen and for someone else to feel seen,” in turn. Mila hopes this collab will “redefine ‘commercial beauty,’ by hiring different-looking ‘commercial models.’”

On Twitter, Target’s merchandising move has procured praise.

From tweeter Mx. Kelsey Danger, Team Rocket:

“Holy [cow], Target is selling binders. You can buy binders in a [dadgum] store now. That’s incredible. Like, every store does Pride merch, but that’s actually making a difference for queer youth. I love it.”

Twitter poster Raviv the Night heralded, “[I]t is impactful that people will have access to binders in a physical, big-box store now. Teens can access them privately without worrying about mail interception. Should’ve happened ages ago.”


Even so, Raviv was sure to make clear, “F— rainbow capitalism.”

If Target wants to signal support during all non-heteronormative-related celebrations, it’ll have to do more than sell bosom busters and crotch crushers for a month.

A list of “LGBTQIA+ Holidays & Remembrances,” per Seattle Pride:


  • National Mentoring Month
  • 16th – 22nd: No Name-Calling Week
  • 27th: International Holocaust Remembrance Day


  • 20th – 26th: Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week


  • Bisexual Health Awareness Month
  • 1st: Zero Discrimination Day
  • 31st: International Transgender Day Of Visibility


  • 6th: International Asexuality Day
  • 8th: Day of Silence
  • 26th – May 2nd: International Lesbian Visibility Week


  • 17th: International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia
  • 19th: Agender Pride Day
  • 22nd: Harvey Milk Day
  • 24th: Pansexual & Panromantic Visibility Day


  • Pride Month!
  • 5th: HIV Long-Term Survivor’s Awareness Day
  • 12th: Pulse Remembrance Day
  • 28th: Stonewall Riots Anniversary


  • 6th: Omnisexual Visibility Day
  • 11th -17th: Non-Binary Awareness Week
  • 14th: International Non-Binary Day
  • 16th: International Drag Day


  • 14th: Gay Uncle Day


  • 16th – 22nd: Bisexual Awareness Week
  • 23rd: Bisexual Visibility Day


  • LGBT History Month (USA and Canada)
  • 11th: National Coming Out Day
  • 19th: International Pronoun Day
  • 21st: Spirit Day
  • 24th: Asexual Awareness Week
  • 26th: Intersex Awareness Day


  • Trans Awareness Month
  • 6th: Transgender Parent Day
  • 8th: Intersex Day of Solidarity
  • 13th – 19th: Trans Awareness Week
  • 20th: Transgender Day Of Remembrance


  • 1st: World AIDS Day
  • 8th: Pansexual Pride Day
  • 10th: Human Rights Day

To be clear, Target’s offering more than just the items from TomboyX and Humankind:

In addition to these two Target-exclusive lines, the big-box retailer has already launched their annual Pride collection with products designed by creators like Jermel “Blu” Moody, founder of Black Boy Be, Olly Gibbs of Curlworks, and the Phluid Project. The entire pride collection is available at Target, with additional TomboyX and Humankind pieces dropping throughout May and early June.

The culture is changing. And as society’s pendulum swings, other pendulums must be managed. If modernity casts all new light on Americans’ unmentionables, it stands to reason that underwear will follow suit.

And in the greatest country in the world, the freedom to find the underwear you fancy should be practically constitutional.

For many this June who wish to deemphasize their assets — whether for identity purposes or just old-fashioned modesty — Target, it seems, will be hitting the bullseye.



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(EDITOR’S NOTE: This piece was edited post-publication to reflect that the products are not geared toward youth. They are listed as adult garments on Target’s website. We regret the error.)


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